Your smart cleaning with Yeedi: all the opportunities for Black Friday!

yeedi Black Friday

The month of November is one of the most anticipated thanks to Black Friday, the feast of discounts known all over the world: brands and e-commerce battle it out with golden opportunities, with promotions that cover practically everything. The world of tech is not just smartphones and PCs, but also smart cleaning: if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner for a hand with the housework, then the offered yeedi on the occasion of Black Friday they will make you hungry!

Yeedi robot vacuum cleaners are on offer for Black Friday: save money on Amazon and eBay

yeedi Black Friday

The Yeedi brand is a brand specializing in smart cleaning, famous for its little robots vacuum cleaner. There are low budget solutions, premium models, vacuum cleaners with floor cleaning function and versions accompanied by an emptying dock. In short, there is something for all tastes and budgets: the offered Black Friday di yeedi they are no exception and offer a varied panorama.

Are you looking for a cheap and convenient robot, but without too many sacrifices? So yeedi VacHybrid is the model that's right for you: it sucks up dirt with a power of 2500 PA, wash the floors and is equipped with a precise and reliable environment mapping system (to avoid obstacles and offer total cleaning).

yeedi Black Friday

Another particularly popular model is Yeedi Vac 2 Pro: in this case you level up with a power of 3.000 PA, an advanced washing system with mopping oscillating (moves back and forth 5 you want faster), technology Obstacle Avoidance 3D to perceive various objects and obstacles in an intelligent and precise way, up to 240 minutes of battery life and much more!

Among the robot vacuum cleaners on offer for Black Friday we find Yeedi Mop Station, another device that finds a large group of enthusiasts. Also in this case it is a 2 in 1 model (cleans and washes) but we have a welcome addition: a emptying dock for automatic cleaning of the robot.

Equipped with a power of 2.500 PA, the vacuum integrates two rolling mats pressed tightly against the floor by a pressure of 10N (to simulate manual cleaning) in order to remove even stubborn stains. Obviously there is no shortage of controls Voice via Alexa and Google, as well as the ability to manage the robot via the dedicated app.

And now, enough talk, here are all the Yeedi deals for Black Friday, directly from Amazon and eBay!

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