Protect yourself from the freezing winter with the Xiaomi YouPin heated smart scarf

Xiaomi Smart Heating Scarf

Winter is just around the corner and temperatures have already dropped in our country too. Exactly for this reason, Xiaomi has thought of a new smart scarf that will allow you to fight the coldest temperatures in a smart way.

Xiaomi Smart Heating Scarf: heated scarf with free powerbank

Xiaomi Smart Heating Scarf

Xiaomi Smart Heating Scarf it is a heated scarf with temperature control that takes place via a button positioned on the front of the garment. The scarf wraps around the neck and heats the chest area, reaching even very high temperatures in about 3 seconds.

The scarf supports up to three different temperatures, the first mildest from 38°, while the other two are more suitable for fighting the biting cold with 45° e 50°. In the event of a malfunction, the entire heating system will automatically shut down to avoid accidents. The scarf can be safely washed in the washing machine.

Xiaomi Smart Heating Scarf is available in China via Youpin, at a price of approx €22 (149 yuan). By purchasing the scarf, all buyers will also get a free 5000 mAh powerbank. Xiaomi, moreover, it also offers a cervical massager in case the warm embrace of the scarf is not enough for your neck.

The new Xiaomi scarf has been launched in China but on AliExpress abbiamo an alternative for us too: it's a template from YouPin ., complete with heating and vibrating massage!

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