Breathe better with the Xiaomi antibacterial humidifier: at a discount with an exclusive coupon!

Xiaomi Mijia Antibacterial Humidifier 2

If you are looking for a way to make the air in your home less dry, favoring better breathing, today we offer you an exclusive discount code that will allow you to save on the antibacterial humidifier of Xiaomi Mijia.

Xiaomi Mijia Anti-bacterial Humidifier 2 for only 60 € with our discount code

Xiaomi Mijia Antibacterial Humidifier 2

Xiaomi Mijia Antibacterial Humidifier 2 is a device capable of humidifying domestic environments, also eliminating bacteria thanks to ultraviolet rays. With a 350 milliliters of fog per hour, the humidifier is ideal for improving the air you breathe in the rooms of the house.

The tank from 4.5 liters, once filled, it offers a total autonomy of approx 32 hours. If the water runs out early, however, you can refill the device by pouring the water directly from the top.

Xiaomi Mijia Antibacterial Humidifier 2

The humidifier produces a maximum noise of 32 decibels, not disturbing sleep in case you want to refresh the room even at night. With the tank for the essential oilsFurthermore, this device can also function as an aroma diffuser.

Xiaomi Mijia Antibacterial Humidifier 2 is available on Heck at the price of €60.9 thanks to our exclusive discount code. Shipping from Europe is free.

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