Four new accessories for scooters: comfort and safety thanks to Xiaomi

Xiaomi scooter accessories

Xiaomi announced the arrival of four new accessories that aim to improve comfort and safety on board the electric scooters. The Chinese company has in fact made a helmet, gloves, bag and tires suitable for this type of electric mobility.

Helmet, gloves, bag and Xiaomi tires: here are all the accessories for electric scooters

The well-known Chinese company posted on the official website Overseas hubs four new products dedicated to all users of electric scooters: let's start with the Xiaomi Commuter Helmet, a bowl helmet with a minimalist design that aims to protect against accidental bumps and falls. Thanks to the reflective band it will also offer us greater visibility on the road.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Baginstead, a practical bag to hang on the handlebar of the scooter with quick access to all our personal effects. Ideal when you have more things to carry but don't want the bulk of a backpack.

Gloves Xiaomi Electric Scooter Riding Glovesmoreover, they allow us to better defend ourselves from the cold winter that we are about to experience. If the temperature is already low, in movement the perception will be that of an even more pungent cold: in this case the gloves become fundamental, to be combined perhaps with a heated vest.

Finally we find the tires Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire, which with their size from 8,5" and the nylon fiber construction guarantee better performance and durability than the classic wheels that we usually find on electric scooters.

Unfortunately, these products don't have an official launch date yet, much less Xiaomi has communicated the price with which they will arrive on the market. Therefore, we do not yet know when we will be able to exploit them perhaps on board theElectric Scooter 4Pro, but we are sure that the Chinese company will release new updates very soon.

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