New Xiaomi Air Charge patent: will remote charging take place?

Xiaomi Air Charge

Announced with great fanfare almost two years ago now, the remote recharge designed by Xiaomi seemed to have to remain pure utopia. A new patent registered in these hours, however, rekindles hopes of seeing Air Charge finally operational.

Xiaomi's remote charging could really arrive: a new patent has been registered

Xiaomi Air Charge

In January of the 2021 Xiaomi announced My Air Charge, a revolutionary method of charging electronic devices completely without wires or contact. Thanks to a charging base that sends out electromagnetic waves, devices that support this particular technology can be charged just by staying nearby.

After almost two years of total silence, Xiaomi in these hours has registered a new patent, both for the technology Air Charge than for the charging base (fundamental for this type of technology).

The patent specifies how the small wireless charging base can send out waves from maximum 5W within a radius of several meters. In this way the battery recharge will not be very fast, but it will allow us to move freely around the house with the smartphone without being forced by cables or charging bases.

At the moment we don't know when Xiaomi will actually be able to bring this new technology to the market, but surely the Chinese company will keep us presenting it again Air Charge close to launch.

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