Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a real camera phone in this super limited edition

xiaomi 12s ultra imagery gift box

Since its launch on the market, Xiaomi 12S Ultra proved what it's made of when it comes to photography, despite the criticism received by DxOMark. For its latest flagship, the company invested some $ 7,5 million and worked in partnership with Sony to create the sensor. IMX989. After some shy attempt in the smartphone market, Xiaomi has brought the controversial 1 ″ sensor. Not to mention the partnership with Leica, complete with dedicated software and even a prototype with Leica M lens which was tempting to many.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra revived in the new limited edition Imagery Gift Box

xiaomi 12s ultra imagery gift box

But if the one with the Leica lens was just a physical concept, this one Imagery Gift Box it is instead aspecial edition of Xiaomi 12S Ultra which will actually be available on the market, albeit for very few. Inside, there is space for a true photography enthusiast's equipment, starting with the protective case that takes its cue from that typical of professional cameras. But the real bonus lies in the other accessories, namely a polarizer it's a Starlight filter (and a custom case) that add new shooting possibilities with the 12S Ultra.

For the uninitiated, the polarizer is a filter that, once mounted in front of the lens, allows you to eliminate reflections, a very useful feature when capturing subjects such as ponds, glass and reflective surfaces; the Starlight filter has a more artistic use, as it causes the lights captured in photos to be embellished with a star-shaped reflection, typical for accentuating the brilliance of light sources.

If you like to put your hand on Xiaomi 12S Ultra Imagery Gift Box, however, know that this will not be possible. The company has announced that it will not go on sale, but will come donated by extraction fishing from their community in China.

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