WindTre Down: problems throughout Italy for fixed and mobile | November 30th

WindThree Down

In these minutes reports are arriving from all over Italy for problems with the fixed and mobile networks of WindTre, a well-known telephone operator and internet service provider born in recent years from the merger of Wind and Tre: let's go and see the state of the network today, Wednesday 30 November.

WindTre Down: blackout for landline, mobile and internet telephony today, November 30th

WindThree Down

The operator's service network seems to have been completely offline for a few minutes WindTre: internet, fixed and mobile telephony seem totally down with many users scattered throughout Italy reporting malfunctions.

Even the 159 switchboard, according to some reports, does not seem to be able to handle the large amount of calls due to the fault, returning a "Service unavailable" message at each call.

The cities most affected by the outage at the moment appear to be: Roma, Perugia e Milano, closely followed by Napoli, Torino e Bologna.

Currently the details of the failure are not known and no official communications have yet arrived from the operator. We will update you as soon as we have news.

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