Samsung loses first place in the semiconductor market

Samsung semiconductor market crisis

After the strong growth experienced over the last eight quarters, mostly dictated by the increase in demand for electronic devices during the months of the health emergency, also the semiconductor market registered one setback. It was Samsung that suffered the most: this contraction would cost her the first place in the global semiconductor market, now occupied by Intel.

Semiconductor market in crisis, Samsung loses its leadership

Samsung semiconductor market crisis

The survey was carried out by the market research company Om Day, according to which the global semiconductor market would record one 7% loss in the third quarter of the year, with total revenues of 147 billion dollars, compared to 158 billion recorded last quarter.

Second Cliff Rimbach, chief researcher of Omdia, while the causes of the crisis recorded in the second quarter would be attributable to a weak PC market, what further drove the situation downwards in the third quarter was the memory market crisis. An industry that would have recorded a 27% drop in profits compared to the prior quarter due to reduced demand for data center chips, PCs and mobile devices.

Samsung semiconductor market crisis

The main victims of this crisis were companies such as Samsung, SK Hynix e micron Technology, all focused on the memory semiconductor business. Together, they recorded a decline of more than 10 billion dollars in turnover. In the case of only Samsung, this translates into sales reduced by 28,1% compared to the previous quarter, with sales of only 14.6 billion dollars. The podium is now occupied by Intel, which in the last quarter recorded sales of 14.9 billion dollars.

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