Samsung: One UI 5.0 makes app management more transparent

samsung one ui 5.0

We recently officially discovered the One UI 5.0, that Samsung has released on board its main smartphones, also in Italian. Of the many innovations implemented in its software, Samsung has also decided to improve the management of running apps, not only those that are visible but also those that run in the background. Good news for users, who will thus be able to better control what is happening on their smartphone.

Here's how Samsung improved background app management with One UI 5.0

You know the recent apps screen, present in all interfaces (including One UI) and useful for quickly switching between the latest apps run? Trivially you might think that those are all the apps running on the device, but this is not the case, and you can see it from the fact that closing an app from this screen does not mean closing it completely. There are some apps, in fact, that continue to work even after removing the recent apps screen.

samsung one ui 5.0

This changes with the One UI 5.0 update, where a new key is added to the top left on this screen showing the apps running in the background. By clicking on it, the user is shown which apps and services are active in the background, giving him the possibility to stop them completely and not only apparently. A new feature that could help not only to have more accurate control of the software but also to improve autonomy. If you are among the owners of Samsung smartphones and you are wondering if and when the One UI 5.0 will also arrive on your model, you can find out in this dedicated article.

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