The tablet market is still in crisis, but not for Huawei

world sales tablet chromebook q3 2022

After the negative trend of second quarter, another ugly tile hits the market for tablet and Chromebook worldwide. Just as it is happening to other sectors such as smartphone e computer, even this technological segment is not emerging unscathed from the economic crisis that is afflicting all companies, Big Tech understood. As the team of analysts at International Data Corporation tells us, during the Q3 2022 they have registered 38,6 million of units shipped around the globe, which scores a -8,8% on an annual basis as well as the fifth consecutive quarter to be negative.

The crisis in the sales of tablets in the world continues, Huawei is saved from the decline

world sales tablet q3 2022

Since the pandemic has forced millions and millions of people home, the interest of manufacturers in tablets has rekindled; Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Redmi, OPPO, Realme e vivo, who have entered (or returned) to sell tablets in the reference markets. Despite this turmoil, the numbers speak for themselves: it has gone from 42,4 to 38,6 million tablets shipped globally, with a ranking that sees almost all of them in decline. Mostly Lenovo with a sound -36,6%, but also The Amazon (-8,1%), Samsung (-4%) and even Apple (-1,1%) that has always led the tablet market. Not surprisingly, even as general sales have dropped, its majority stake has increased from 34,6% to 37,5%. But perhaps the most interesting data is that relating to Huawei: albeit verses in a situation to say the least poco problematic, which with the + 2 % in the tablet sector it is proving to be able to withstand the economic crisis, also on the smartphone side.

world sales chromebook q3 2022

If we talk about Chromebook, the decline is even more important: -34,4%, falling from 6,6 to 4,3 million of units shipped worldwide during Q3 2022. Unlike tablets, this sector has gone totally negative, not sparing any of the companies that make it up, in particular for Lenovo (-54,8%) but also Samsung (-37,1, 26,8%), HP (-23,8%), Acer (-19,9%) and Dell (-XNUMX%). And perhaps it is no coincidence that Google has decided to abandon the PixelBook project.

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