Red Magic 8 Pro with 165W ultra-fast charging: will it be the right time?

Red magic 8 pro

The next Red magic 8 pro will be the first gaming smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2, Qualcomm's latest top solution. The launch does not seem to be far away: as proof of this we find a slew of certifications and among these is also the one relating to fast charging. Maybe this year there could be big surprises!

Red Magic 8 Pro could debut with ultra-fast charging

Red magic 8 pro

However, the conditional remains a must since the last word always belongs to the Chinese company. Red magic 8 pro has been certified with the initials NX729J price various institutions. We have TENAA (essential for China), Bluetooth SIG certification and 3C certification. The full specifications are still a mystery, but we now know that the gaming flagship will be equipped with the Bluetooth 5.2 and could debut with the quick charging by well 165.

Red magic 8 pro

In short, the new device could take a leap forward compared to the current generation even if it is good to proceed with caution. Usually the 3C body refers to the charger: too the 7S range came on the market with a charger of such power. However the two smartphones offer support ai 120 (7S) and from 135 (7S Pro). instead the 7 and 7 Pro models they are equipped with 125W and 135W charging while the Pro Global variant stops at 65W.

Red magic 8 pro will really have the recharge fast da 165 Or is there less power waiting for us at this lap as well?

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