3 NAVEE electric SCOOTERS in super OFFER for Black Friday!

navee black friday offers

Il Black Friday by now it is almost running out, there are actually a few days left for its conclusion but there is still a lot of irons on the fire that deserves to be treated; on ours Telegram channels we are keeping you updated on practically all the offers, but here we are selecting some of the most interesting products divided by brand and category. Today is the turn of Navee, the Xiaomi sub-brand which has now become one of the most important players in the electric scooter sector: there are three proposals on offer for Black Friday, and I will try to summarize their most interesting peculiarities!

3 NAVEE electric scooters in super offer for Black Friday


Born from a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $500, the Vessel N65 it stands out mainly for the innovative double rotation folding mechanism as both the stem of the handlebar and the handlebar itself can be folded, and this contributes to making the dimensions of the product certainly more compact. His weight is 23.5kg, not among the lightest ever but on the other hand it makes up for the tubular alloy frame, very resistant and well made.

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Navee N65 also uses a 500W brushless motor and can reach the maximum speed of about 32 km/h. Maintaining the average speed of 25 km/h, however, the Navee N65 can travel up to 65km with a single charge of the 12.5Ah battery. It is also equipped with a LED display that shows the battery levels, the voltage of the same and also the speed. The comfort of use with this model is quite good thanks to the presence of 10 ″ tires: in addition it has a hybrid braking system thanks to the front electric motor and the front disc brake. Has certification IPX4 for light rain and supports a maximum weight of 120kg.

Compared to the initial list price, i.e. €799, the official store is offering it these days at €649: a good 150 euro discount!


Buy NAVEE N65 on the company's official store in promotion for Black Friday

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€ 649,00


The other protagonist is the company's top of the range, the Vessel S65: it has an alternative conformation given the presence of the double suspension system and a definitely sportier look, thanks also to the fluorescent green weaves along the entire structure. The wheels are gods 10″ inch tires that adapt well to any type of track, thanks also to the electrical component that beats under the body.

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The S65, in fact, has a powerful engine 500W, which thanks to the battery from 46.8V / 12.5 Ah allows to obtain autonomy up to 65 km; also on this model, moreover, the maximum speed is close to 32 km/h thanks to the starting power of up to 1000w. Compared to the previous model, the weight increases a bit, about 25kg, and the double folding system is lost: here the scooter closes in half with the classic quick hinge placed on the base of the handlebar.

There is always a LED display in color which shows a series of useful information including speed, remaining range and usage patterns. On the front, as well as on the back, they have been inserted two LED headlights of the power of 2.5W. Furthermore, being a Xiaomi product, we can take advantage of the Xiaomi Home application from which you can check all the statistical data, battery details, firmware updates and much more.

The price of this model, on offer, is €999 and to justify such a high expense there is certainly the double cushioning system that makes this scooter suitable even for rough tracks, in which it remains truly stable at any speed.


Buy NAVEE S65 on the company's official store in promotion for Black Friday

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€ 999,00


The smallest of the house is him, the Navee N40: the style is very similar to that of the highest-end model produced by the company, but more "human". The whole frame is made of solid aluminum alloy and the lines are essential and modern. The front wheel and the handlebars are connected to the platform by a rather minimal arched structure, on which the battery recharging input has been inserted.

Although it is a light electric scooter, with a net weight of 15.5 kg, the SHIP N40 it is able to support a maximum weight of 100 kg and uses a very solid locking mechanism.

Review NAVEE N40 economic electric scooter powerful autonomy discount price offer coupon italy

The electrical part on this model consists of a 350w rear brushless motor which guarantees a maximum speed of approximately 30km/h; it is a well-balanced configuration, set up quite well also with regard to acceleration, which is linear but firm, from which, however, one cannot expect to ride too steep climbs.

The braking system is also excellent which, in addition to a good regenerative braking that can be activated or deactivated via the application, is supported by a good disc brake which guarantees safe and decisive braking. We have studied this model in detail in ours Full review which we invite you to read in case you are interested.

We find him on offer at 549 euros, a figure that makes him attractive even for those who are entering this world for the first time and want to indulge in the whim of trying a modern contraption like this; in case your weight should be more than 80kg, however, I advise you to aim for one of the higher models with a power of 500w.


Buy NAVEE N40 on the company's official store in promotion for Black Friday

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€ 549,00