Dimensity 9200: specs online, ready to debut with vivo X90

Mediatek Dimension 9200

In these hours, the technical specifications of the new MediaTek chipset have leaked online Dimensity 9200, which will be officially presented in the next few hours. The chipset aims to compete with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 of Qualcomm and the chip Bionic A16 of Apple.

Dimensity 9200 is ready to hit the market aboard vivo X90

The octa-core chipset is based on the TSMC manufacturing process from 4 nm, accompanied by the GPU Immortalis-G715. The chip appears to be equipped with a single core Cortex x1 3.05 GHz, three Cortex A715 2.85 GHz and four Cortex A510 from 2.0 GHz.

Immortalis-G715instead, it will be one of the first ARM GPUs to support the technology ray-tracing on a mobile platform, improving lighting and shadow depth.

The new Dimensity 9200, Whose performance made everyone pale, will be officially presented theNovember 8, 2022. The debut, however, should only take place a few weeks later, when it first arrives on the market aboard the new Vivo X90.

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