Kindle Scribe available today: read and write like on paper

Kindle Scribe

After last month's announcement, The Amazon finally brings the new to the market Kindle Scribe: an e-reader that for the first time can also be used to take notes thanks to the special pen.

The first Kindle with pen arrives on Amazon: here is Scribe!

Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe is an e-reader device with an anti-glare screen from 10.2" at 300 PPI with technology Paperwhite. For the first time, a digital pen is also included in the package to take advantage of the great novelty of this model: the possibility of writing and taking notes.

With Kindle ScribeIndeed, it is possible to create notebooks, diaries and lists, choosing from the many available layouts. For example, you could create a gridded page for taking math notes, or create a bulleted list for your shopping list.

Kindle Scribe

All functions remain unchanged ebook: it is in fact possible to buy and read from Scribe hundreds of thousands of digital books on Amazon, while simultaneously taking advantage of the Kindle Unlimited subscription for unlimited access to the library.

Kindle Scribe is available on The Amazon in configurations from 16 GB, 32 GB e 64 GB of storage space, at a starting price of €369.99. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, shipping is free.

NB: There are currently no offers available, but this article will be updated whenever there is an opportunity to save!

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