Google may have shared the first GIFs showing the Pixel Tablet software

Google Pixel Tablet how Keep GIF app works

There are still months to go until the launch of Pixel Tablets, but Google has already started update some of his Whatsapp to offer one better user experience on larger screensi: in other words, introducing new features and optimizations specific to tablets. Now it's up to Keep receive these improvements, but there's more: the images shared by Google in support of the changes seem to show the functioning of the software su Pixel Tablets. Here are the details!

Do these GIFs show Google Keep running on a Pixel Tablet?

Google Pixel Tablet how Keep GIF app works

Google has started updating some of its apps by introducing a series of features and options aimed at optimize the user experience on larger screens, like the one of Pixel Tabletsin fact.

After the Clock app and Workspace, the changes also involved Keep, which has recently opened its doors to new ones keyboard shortcuts that are better allied with the web experience. The most interesting aspect is that Google has also shared a number of GIF that show how it works, and it seems that these animations come from a Pixel Tablet.

According to the source, in fact, the first tablet from Google would support a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, and both shared GIFs would adapt to this format.

Google Pixel Tablet how Keep GIF app works

GIFs show how use app Google Keep on a tablets Sara very similar to using it on the web: this means that by clicking ctrl + a you can select all the text in the note; with ctrl + c you can copy the text, and with the command ctrl + v paste it.

The GIFs also show part of the software di Pixel Tablets while Google Keep is running: There is an app bar at the bottom that contains icons for Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Photos and Docs, along with the app drawer icon. The button to switch from one profile to another is positioned in the status bar along with notifications, time and other elements.

In short, it all seems very exciting and we can't wait to find out what the first Google tablet will be like!

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