Neck or neck pain? The Xiaomi masseur will take care of healing your ills!

Discount code xiaomi cervical massager jeeback G2 coupon offers

Treat yourself to a few moments of relaxation with the masseur per neck e cervical Xiaomi Jeeback G2, now on offer at a discounted price on AliExpress. Controllable directly from the Mi Home app, this device offers several massage mode to immediately find some relief from muscle tension, dizziness and headaches.

The Xiaomi Jeeback G2 cervical massager is on offer

Discount code xiaomi cervical massager jeeback G2 coupon offers

This device, which in addition to being very useful also looks very good from an aesthetic point of view (compact, clean and ergonomic), promises to alleviate various discomforts such as excessive tension in the neck muscles, poor blood circulation, dizziness and headaches. In this regard, the Xiaomi Jeeback G2 neck massager offers well- four massage modes:

  • kneading: simulates the classic massage with the thumbs, also called impasto;
  • scarping: offers an experience similar to Thai massage and it is the modality that has a more immediate impact than the others;
  • Acupuncture: Simulates acupuncture and offers intermittent relief at regular intervals
  • loop: results from the mix of the three massage modes that we have just seen.
Discount code xiaomi cervical massager jeeback G2 coupon offers

From the point of view of autonomy, this masseur cervical signed Xiaomi does not disappoint: its battery guarantees days of heavy use and can be fully recharged in about two hours. The manufacturer has also thought of a convenient feature aimed at extending its autonomy: when no contact with the body is detected within 60 seconds, the Jeeback G2 they stop automatically. We have personally tried it! Click HERE to find out what we think.

As anticipated, the Xiaomi neck massager may be bought on offer su AliExpress a poco more than 40, which is great for such a device! Below is the link to purchase: if you don't see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Shipping from CHINA for € 4.42

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