Roidmi EVA under €600: new minimum and there is also a discount voucher as a gift!

discount code roidmi eva robot scrubber coupon offer

Among the many robot vacuum cleaners seen, there is always a distance between the more accessible models, but with something less, and obviously the top-of-the-range ones that are often too expensive. Well Roidmi, one of Xiaomi's best-known partners, decided to combine these needs with the EVA floor cleaning robot, which debuts on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying at a top price, also considering shipping from Europe.

Roidmi EVA discount code: how to save on the floor cleaning robot on offer

discount code roidmi eva robot scrubber coupon offer 2

The model EVA, if we look at its design, it is very close to that of top models in the category, but with some accents that make it original and suitable for any type of home. The new Roidmi robot, however, also has a super emptying base on its side, which allows you to collect more Orders shipped to Europe of liquid residues.

Indeed, we have a tank from 3.6L to load the useful water to the mops used for washing the floor and one from 4.8L to collect the dirty water.

Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner discount code

The suction power of the base is 3.200 Pa, therefore also quite powerful. As for the autonomy of the robot, we have a module from 5.200 mAh, that of the top range to be clear, which allows you to have a great duration.

Roidmi EVA is also very intelligent, as it allows you to overcome obstacles up to 20 mm detecting them and in addition to being able to update through OTA update, can map the cleaning area and report it via app. Plus, it supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner discount code

To be able to buy the floor cleaning robot Roidmi EVA at a super price, we advise you to take advantage of the offer with discount code di Geekbuying, with free shipping from Europe and a gift voucher worth $30.

How does the promo work? Just buy Roidmi EVA through the box below or This Page, use the discount code indicated and pay with PayPal or Card. Once the purchase is made it will be enough fill in the following form to receive a $30 Discount Coupon (for an order of at least $31). The initiative is valid from 25 to 29 November while the voucher can be used until 30 November. Finally, we point out that the promo is valid only for the first 100 users and that the form will be blocked when the threshold is reached.

Below you will find the link to the product page: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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