Alexa can now create amazing animated and interactive stories for kids

Create with Alexa what it is and how it works

Alexa is ready to become the best friend of the little ones with the new function “Create with Alexa“, a tool which, thanks to theartificial intelligence, he's able to generate animated stories to entertain and amuse the children.

Alexa creates animated stories for kids with the new AI feature

Create with Alexa what it is and how it works

Alexa can now too create incredible ones animated stories for children, thanks to the new function Create with Alexa. It all happens in a rather way Interactive, where the child himself will choose what kind of story he wants to hear.

Once the command "Alexa, create a story“, the child will have to answer a series of questions that will give life to an incredible animated story! You can choose between three themes (“space exploration","underwater" or "enchanted Forest“), determine who will be the hero or heroine of the story, set a color scheme to make it more captivating and choose its tone, which can be happy, mysterious o funny.

Once you have all the necessary materials, Alexa will resort toartificial intelligence to generate a five to ten line story based on the responses. The story comes with a background image, animations, sound effects, music and many other elements designed to entertain the little ones, amaze them and keep them entertained. 

Create with Alexa what it is and how it works

Everything is generated taking into account the age of the target audience, and therefore respecting a series of smart filters e parameters aimed at ensuring the safety of the little ones (it is still artificial intelligence, and the risk of falling into inappropriate content is always around the corner).

And there's more! Even if you will always give the same answers, the artificial intelligence of Alexa will be able to give life to always different stories. Getting bored is impossible! And as if that weren't enough, if the story was to one's taste, it can be saved in the gallery of the device so as to be reproduced when you feel like it most.

Create with Alexa was launched today, Tuesday 29th November 2022 in the United States and is available in English on devices Echo Show supported. There is no information yet on availability in other markets, but we can't wait to have it here in Italy too!

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