The 3 best TINECO vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners on offer for Black Friday!

Guys, Black Friday is Black Friday. There's nothing you can do… I told you to keep your wallets safe, but if you're reading this post, it means you're really daring. Today is the turn of the Tineco and its offers launched on the occasion of Black Friday. Ready for some home shopping?

TINECO's Black Friday offers


The first product (which, in my opinion) is the most interesting of all is the Tineco Floor ONE S5: it's true, those who have followed us for some time will remember that this is not among the company's most recent products, but when we tried it about a year ago we were really surprised by its performance. First of all, the step forward with this model has been made in the capacity of the containers which are 0.8 liters for clean and dirty water, and despite these changes the vacuum cleaner Tineco she remained slender and slender at the right point. Obviously it is equipped with a beautiful circular LED display that will change color based on the amount of dirt detected by the sensors integrated in the vacuum cleaner which will allow the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 to adapt the suction power for optimal performance.

Its use is very simple because after filling the container with clean water, simply hold it and press the start button: it has two suction modes, but the automatic one works great and thanks to the integrated iLoop sensor it will automatically detect the amount of dirt present on the surface to be cleaned e will automatically adjust the suction power and the emission of water.

After cleaning the floor, it's time for one of the most convenient functions of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5: the self-wash. Using this function is as simple as it is fast as at the end of a cleaning it will be sufficient to place the vacuum cleaner on the charging base, empty the dirty water container and fill the clean water one and press the dedicated button. In a few moments the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 will start self-cleaning ea remove any residue of dirt present.


Buy it at a discounted price for only €379 including free shipping with Amazon Prime! 

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€ 379,00

The good news is that from the initial price of € 519 on the occasion of Black Friday we find it in offer to 379 €; not to be missed because even a year later it is among the most interesting products of its kind.


Another of TINECO's most famous devices, the Pure One S15 Pet, a product created with the aim of simplifying floor cleaning for those who live in the company of a pet.

It has a 500W brushless motor, a container for collecting water 0.47L dirty and an LED display that allows you to view all the necessary information during use, as well as view it on your smartphone via the APP since it is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. However, among the most important specifications of this model we must mention the Pure Cyclone technology which allows to effectively separate air and dust so as to avoid clogging of the pre-filter or suction losses over time; in addition, the ZeroTangle technology allows the brush to capture the hair and hair without wrapping them, thus facilitating the cleaning task of the brush itself.


Buy it at a discounted price for only €399 including free shipping with Amazon Prime! 

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€ 399,00

He too arrives on the occasion of Black Friday at an attractive price of €399, with a discount of 20% compared to the list price of €499.


It comes one step away from its all-time low instead Tineco Floor One S3, a product that is no longer very young but which still has its reason: like all the other products included in this top 3, it is also equipped with iLoop sensors thanks to which it is able to detect dirt on the floor and adjust it completely autonomous the suction power and the quantity of water to be distributed on the floor. Furthermore, this model can also be controlled via the large display positioned above and via an application that will connect to the smartphones via WiFi.

Tineco Floor One S3

Through the app you can view data such as cleaning performance and reports, instructions for use, battery status or device maintenance reminders. And thanks to the multi-stage self-cleaning system, the FLOOR ONE S3 also cleans itself after work.

Il price of this model drops to €299 against the approximately 409 in the list, and although it is not among the most recent products in this area, it always deserves an honorable mention.


Buy it at a discounted price for only €299 including free shipping with Amazon Prime! 

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