Apple M2 Max on Geekbench: Just a minor upgrade for the new chip?

Apple M2 Max

In these hours, a first benchmark test for the new chip has emerged online Apple M2 Max. The first look at the performance suggests a minor upgrade compared to the predecessor Max M1.

Apple M2 Max appears on Geekbench: small improvement over M1 Max

Apple M2 Max

Su Geekbench the first benchmark of appeared Max M2 aboard an unidentified "Mac14,6“, flanked by ben 96 GB of RAM. It could be the first appearance of the new MacBook Pro, or more likely the new one MacStudio which allows for a maximum of 128GB of RAM (compared to the 64GB allowed on the Pro).

In this first test, Max M2 scored a score of 1.853 in single-core e 13.855 in multi-core: results that of poco surpass those achieved by the previous one Max M1. The Apple processor, in fact, had obtained a result of 1.755 in single-core e 12.333 in multi-core on board the current MacStudio.

Apple M2 Max

The first devices to hit the market with Max M2 they should be new Macbook Pro da 14" e 16", then followed by the MacStudio. All three products are expected to arrive during 2023, while Apple keep refining the design of the new iPhone 15.

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