Enter the world of 3D printing with Anycubic Black Friday


3D printing is an ever-expanding world, often difficult to approach due to the rather high costs. Thanks to Black Friday di Anycubic, however, you can also try your hand at creating 3D objects while saving a lot with offers and discount codes.

Black Friday Anycubic: many discounts on 3D printers, resins and filaments

Mono x

One of the most tempting offers that we can take advantage of on the occasion of Black Friday Anycubic it is certainly the one related to the 3D printer with resin Photon Mono X. This device is capable of printing objects 3 times faster than the previous model, particularly suitable for creating larger objects.

With the discount code BLACK21 you can buy the printer Photon Mono X at the price of €278 instead of 649 €.

Kobra Plus

Anycubic Kobra Plus, on the other hand, is a modularly designed plastic filament 3D printer that can be assembled in just 10 minutes. Thanks to the 4,3″ touch screen it is possible to control the print settings directly from the device, with an object creation speed of 180 mm/s.

The printer Kobra Plus it can be yours for the price of €378 instead of 499€, using the discount code BLACK21.

M3 Plus

Let's go back to talking about resin printers with the model Photon M3 Plus offering a 6K monochrome exposure screen with an accuracy of 34 μm. Thanks to support for Anycubic Cloud, this printer can create objects directly from the web, without going through the classic SD cards or USB sticks.

Thanks to the Black Friday promotion, it is possible to buy Photon M3 Plus at the price of €418 instead of €689, also taking advantage of the coupon in this case BLACK21.

Black Friday Anycubic – discount codes

To maximize savings, Anycubic also offers various discount codes on the occasion of Black Friday 2022. Based on our spending, each discount code will allow us to save a different amount.

  • BLACK21 - save € 21 on an expense of € 200
  • BLACK10 - save € 10 on an expense of € 70
  • BLACK5 - save € 5 on an expense of € 40
  • BLACK50– save €50 on the purchase of the Photon Ultra model

The offers, however, do not end here: Anycubic in fact it also offers various discounts on resin and plastic filaments. With the discount code RESIN, for example, you can buy two packs of resin and get a third one for free.

With code PLA, on the other hand, it is possible to buy three different plastic filaments and get a fourth one for free. Code FLEX it also allows us to buy 2 flexible resins and pay only for one.

Anycubic Black Friday

It will also be possible to get a mystery box with resin or plastic filaments, saving up to €211!

For all other offers and information on the promotion, please visit the official page of Black Friday di Anycubic which you find below.

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Many discounts for Black Friday of Anycubic

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