The TWS QCY G1 are perfect for gaming and cost less than €30


The month of November brought with it a ton of big games, like God of War: Ragnarock, the controversial Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, sonic frontiers and many more. Are you looking for a pair of lightweight and true wireless earphones poco cumbersome to play your titles in peace? Aim for a model that is also useful for the mobile gaming, perhaps to accompany your top smartphone? Then the QCY G1 they are perfect on offer with coupons: Gaming TWS cheap and stylish!

QCY G1: true wireless gaming earphones drop at a top price with discount code


Even if we are talking about an economic solution, offered at a discount for less than €30, the QCY G1 they are a respectable pair of true wireless earphones, with an excellent quality / price ratio. The first important detail concerns the design: the TWS are characterized by a cool aggressive, in perfect gaming style.

Then we have a wearability in-ear (for total immersion), 4 microphones and technology ENC to reduce noise in calls, mode a low latency at 45 ms and support at recharge wireless. In short, a complete product from all points of view (with the usual QCY quality).


Le TWS Gaming QCY G1 are available on offer with code discount thanks to the store Hekka, Complete with shipment Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days. The price drops to just €27: definitely a tempting opportunity for those looking for a new pair of headphones to play!

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