Genshin Impact is coming in Italian: the official confirmation

When Genshin Impact comes out in Italian

Since its debut, the RPG Open World Genshin Impact has captured the attention of fans for its style (which generated a bit of controversy at the beginning) but above all for its fast-paced gameplay and the possibility to explore a huge world. from smartphone and console. Are you among those waiting for the arrival of the Italian language? Don't worry because HoYoverse's official confirmation has finally arrived and now we know when Genshin Impact comes out in Italian!

Genshin Impact: all about the next updates coming

When Genshin Impact comes out in Italian

The news came directly from the development team: Genshin Impact will be entirely translated into Italian and there won't be too long to wait before seeing this news. The hype is certainly skyrocketing: many have given up the title because of the language and now they will have the opportunity to get closer to this particular action RPG. An advantage for the users but above all for the team, which will certainly see an increase in the number of players.

There will be two updates over the next few months and in this in-depth study we are going to discover all the upcoming news.

What's new in the November update

The update of the month of November is around the corner and will bring the game to version 3.2 (The Akasha beats, the flame of the kalpa rises): at the top you will find the official trailer while below the list of all the news.

  • The grand finale of the Sumeru Archon mission
  • An epic confrontation with the third boss belonging to the Messengers of the Fatui, the Minstrel
  • Two new playable characters: His Excellency Minor Kusanali, aka Nahida, and Layla
  • The “Fabulous Micophrenesia” event where you can capture and train your own Myconoids
  • A new enemy boss: Dendro's Hypostasis

So, in summary, the main story of Sumeru will come to an end and two new playable characters will be available. The update will be released on 2th November.

When does Genshin Impact come out in Italian?

When Genshin Impact comes out in Italian

After talking about the novelties of November we finally arrive at the most important moment, that is when Genshin Impact comes out in Italian. The development team has not revealed the exact date but we know that the Italian and Turkish languages ​​will be added with the next 3.3 update.

When update 3.3

The next Genshin Impact update, the last one before the end of the year, will be available to everyone in the course of the month of December. At the moment we do not yet know what will be the novelties that will be introduced (between history, missions and characters) and the only certainty is represented by the introduction of the Italian language.

Where can you download Genshin Impact?

When Genshin Impact comes out in Italian

Is this your first time approaching this Open World action RPG? Don't worry and here are all the details you need. Genshin Impact is a title free-to-play, freely downloadable and playable without paying; there are microtransactions optional, as per the norm for this type of securities.

The game is available for free on PlayStation, PC, Android and iOS and can be downloaded on the platform you are interested in via the links below.

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