WeLock Touch review: the smart lock that makes your life easier

In recent years we have experienced an internal renovation of our apartments, thanks to the voice assistants and the many smart accessories launched over time. If you too are passionate about the subject, you will not be indifferent to the product in question: the WeLock Fingerprint Smart Lock Touch41, what can in effect be considered a smart lock, complete with unlocking with a fingerprint (and more).

WeLock Fingerprint Smart Lock Touch41 - Package Contents

The product comes in a particularly accurate package, a blue hardcover that houses the lock, mounting accessories and three NFC plates (which we will see later).

First impressions and build quality

It must be said, of course, that WeLock is not new to this type of product, on the contrary. If you have happened to travel through Air BnB in the last period, it is very likely that you have come across one of their products: I am referring to the classic locks with code to access holiday homes. We are therefore faced with devices that are already tested and well functioning, particularly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. Our lock, WeLock Fingerprint Smart Lock Touch41, it is even more so. The product in question loses the classic keypad in favor of a fingerprint sensor: the lock offers the possibility of being unlocked directly using the fingerprint.

In this sense the WeLock it will be useful for even large families, offering the possibility of registering as many as 5 active fingerprints and - at the same time - the possibility of using the NFC tags to unlock the lock even more quickly.

As you may have understood, the first impressions were excellent, and the build quality of the lock also impressed me pleasantly. In fact, by giving up the numeric keypad, the external knob is even more minimal and clean. Internally, however, we find a classic satin metal knob.

Installation and configuration

Let's start by saying that to work, the smart lock WeLockTouch necessity of three AAA stylus. Installing the product is very simple. Before considering the purchase, it is a good idea to check the compatibility of the thickness of your door (it must be between 50 and 100 mm).

Having said that, after inserting the stylus to allow the first use, you will clearly have to mount it on the door: all you have to do is replace the current cylinder with the lock WeLock, through a simple step. Once the product has been inserted, you will have to secure all the screws with the Allen key included in the package.

At this point, you will need to switch to the first configuration of WeLock Touch41 smart lock (this step, to be honest, you can do it even more comfortably before replacing it with the existing lock, so as to facilitate all movements). You will then move on to configure the first fingerprint, the most important one, which will be identified as "proprietary" and necessary for any adjustments to the system settings.

Starting from this first configuration you can then - in cascade - install the other fingerprints and also the small NFC tags, i.e. the RFID keys present in the package (of which there are 3). The use of the companion should not be underestimated WeLock app which allows you to make unlocks directly via your smartphone, and which we will analyze later.

Experience of use

It is important to emphasize why to choose a smart lock. We asked ourselves this, and the answer was unequivocal and immediate. By installing the WeLock Touch41 you will benefit from it every day. You will no longer have to risk forgetting keys, having the entrance to your house full of pairs of keys for each member of the family and, thanks to the use of the app, you will also be able to grant access to your home remotely.

Conclusions and price - WeLock Touch41 smart lock

To draw the best conclusions, we must necessarily start from the price. There WeLock Touch41 it is sold at a list price of €179, which can then be discounted thanks to our discount code. Even given the not exactly cheap price, we would like to recommend the product, for all the reasons listed above. We are therefore referring to the possibility of managing entrances into the home in a much more dynamic way (than classic keys), thanks to the possibility of recording different fingerprints inside the device. Furthermore, in the weeks of use, we did not detect any flaws in terms of security. In our opinion, this smart lock in question remains a more than recommended purchase.

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