Do you want to keep fit at home? WalkingPad Kingsmith takes care of it

walkingpad kingsmith rowing machine treadmill offer october 2022

Keeping fit knows many ways and, for those who love the serenity of their own home, it is important to have the right tools. And one of the most interesting brands in the industry is undoubtedly WalkingPad Kingsmith, with its proposals between treadmill e rowers which allow you to have a personal gym in poco space and that you can buy on offer at a super price.

Kingsmith WalkingPad: all treadmill and rowing machine models on offer

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To begin our roundup, let's start right from the rowing machine WalkingPad WR1, a model with high level aesthetic and technical qualities. Made with a hydraulic system, has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 120 kg, while for the exercise there is a comfortable coated ergonomic handle but also a footrest inclined at 45 °. You can buy the rowing machine on offer thanks to the discount code €100, which brings it to you at a top price.

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If, on the other hand, you prefer to have a high-level treadmill, you can only look to the WalkingPad S1. This model stands out for being ergonomic and foldable, but also very clever. In fact, it has a noise reduction system that brings it to a maximum of 65 dB, as well as an LED display that indicates the speed reached, which reaches its maximum 6 km/h. In reality, this speed can be adjusted in 12 steps and, above all, you can monitor everything through a convenient dedicated application. Also in this case, for those wishing to buy it there is a discount code di €20 to get it at an offer price.

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If you are looking for other models, perhaps with different properties, Kingsmith WalkingPad offers other models of excellent quality, such as the WalkingPad X21, top of the range model, in addition to the models of the series Walking Pad R2 e R1 Pro, to finish on the model with a great quality / price ratio, that is WalkingPad K12. All these devices are on offer and they all have the peculiarity of being smart and foldable.

As it regards instead WalkingPad Kingsmith WR1 and S1 treadmill, the offer with discount code is valid until October 15, 2022. Below you will find the boxes with the Coupon to use, so as not to waste any more time to purchase them. NB If you do not see them correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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