vivo V2: Night photos and videos will be very high fidelity

vivo v2 night video photo enhancements leak

There are almost two years in which vivo has invested heavily in imaging thanks to its ISP owners, those of the V series. And just the last one in the program, vivo V2, will be a further qualitative leap in terms of photo e video, especially for those Night.

vivo V2 will improve even more what V1 + did: all photographic improvements

vivo v2 night video photo enhancements leak 2

Talking about the new ISP chip's vivo is the leaker bald panda, which explains us that compared to the V1 + already seen for the series X80 e Article 10, we will find an important upgrade in the peculiar characteristics in multimedia terms starting from X90 series. How?

We know that vivo, for some time, it has importantly implemented night shots, but also videos, leading the X series to excel in this feature. This will has been made even more evident with the V series image processors and the V2, compared to V1 +, we will find night videos with considerably improved light management, as well as better photo shots. All this is optimized thanks to technology Night Vision 2.0, but we will also have greater stability with the Gimbal room that will be present.

In short, another, yet another great job by vivo on imaging, which is now becoming the brand's workhorse, which therefore aims to be more and more a point of reference for an increasingly demanding market in multimedia.

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