Fight the cold with the electric heating blanket: only € 21 with exclusive coupon!

Electric Heating Blanket

The cold winter is late in arriving in our country, but it is never too late to start equipping ourselves for the inevitable arrival of lower temperatures. Precisely for this reason we offer you today an interesting offer on electric heating blanket, thanks to our exclusive discount code on Hekka.

Warm up in the cold winter with this discounted electric blanket

Electric Heating Blanket

La electric heating blanket proposed today can help you fight the bitter cold that will hit our country in the coming months. Whether you are at home on the sofa or in the office working, thanks to this blanket you can always stay warm.

The fleece lining detaches from the heating side to allow the blankets to be washed, so as not to damage and damage the heating circuits. The blanket can be connected both to the mains and to one USB powerbank, so that it can always be carried with you.

Electric Heating Blanket

The blanket is made of a material that is warm and soft on the skin and weighs only overall 430 grams and is available in three different colors: blue, gray and brown.

This electric heating blanket is available on Hekka for the price of €21.4, thanks to our exclusive discount code, with free shipping from China.

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