Soundcore Space A40 review: best-buy within 100 EURO?

soundcore space a40 in ear headphones with ANC

In the last period I have been having the opportunity to put a lot of earphones under stress, and never as at this moment am I realizing how different earphones can be in the user experience, despite their apparent similarity in terms of design and technical specifications.

new Soundcore Space A40 I am a confirmation, as far as I'm concerned, of this brand that manages to produce devices within everyone's reach while keeping the quality bar high. And there's more: this time we talk about ANC quality, but keep reading below because there is a little to say.

Soundcore Space A40 review

Content of the package

Inside the sales package the company has not spared itself. Inside, in fact, we find:

  • Soundcore Space A40
  • USB-C cable for charging
  • 4 pairs of rubber pads of different sizes
  • Instruction manuals and warranty

Design and Materials

The new headphones of Soundcore, a little as I anticipated before, they follow most of the products in circulation in style and design: the company produces them in three color variations, shiny black like mine, dark blue and white. Their dimensions are quite compact and fall into that category of in-ear headphones without a stem and, therefore, much more comfortable (in my opinion) to use when doing sports or moving a lot. If I were to say that I am convinced by the finishes, I would lie to you: let's be clear, they are well built and the quality is perceivable, but the glossy finish just doesn't go down well with me, especially when the base color is black. De gustibus.

Le Soundcore Space A40 they are characterized by their compactness and comfort when worn on the ears, they fit well to different shapes of ear cups and four measures (from XS to L) of supplied grommets facilitate their adaptability to any user. Their shape also helps to make it easier to insert into the ear, leaving only the chromed part on the outside where we find the brand on display.

Please note, these earphones are IPX4 certificates, therefore unfortunately not among the best in circulation in terms of waterproofness to splashes and rain: other competitors certify their earphones up to IP67 or 68, it is good that you take this into consideration before purchasing, depending on your type of use.

La custodythen, it is certainly a lot compact: beautiful opaque finishes that make them perfectly comfortable to keep in your pocket and beautiful front LEDs that light up when you put the headphones back in charge and indicate, in fact, the residual autonomy of the case to understand how many recharges it can still guarantee. On the back there is a USB-C input for charging via cable, while wireless charging is also supported if necessary.

Audio quality and ANC

As usual, before I tell you how they sound, I give you two technical information: Both buds are equipped with two 10mm dynamic drivers which offer a frequency response from 20Hz up to 40KHz; support the Bluetooth 5.2 and support the classic codecs AAC, LDAC, SBC but not AptX. To talk to you about raw quality I kept noise cancellation off in my tests and used the EQ profile suggested by Soundcore and set as the default on the headphones.

Il maximum volume reproduction is on par with more expensive models that I happened to try, like the new LG Tone Free T90, and there is a good reproduction of low frequencies, without distortion even at higher volumes. The high and medium frequencies are well reproduced, even if in these cases I did not find the Default profile satisfactory, how much more practical a custom equalizer tailored to my needs.

Il Bass Booster that you can activate in the options on the app is not the best; the “traditional” basses are of excellent quality, and with the bass booster you risk making them lose that roundness that characterizes them. As they say, too much is good. The quality of the microphones is good, even if some hitches were not lacking in the presence of background noises or if we are, for example, running.

soundcore space a40 in ear headphones with ANC

Then there is a detail not from poco: the noise cancellation it is amazing when compared to other similar products in the same price range. It is amazing not only because thanks to the app we have the possibility to completely customize the noise cancellation level, but also because the three presets studied by the company are very well optimized.

The thing that unites, however, many products like these Soundcore Space A40 it is the volume reduction quite important when the ANC is active; if you are crazy like me, that when you wear headphones you want to listen to your favorite songs with a loud enough volume, know that these headphones will reduce it a bit. However, once you have made the right choice of ear tips that fit your ear, you may in some circumstances even avoid enabling ANC.


Soundcore certifies the battery life of the headphones for approximately 10 hours of continuous use e up to 50 hours charging with a single charge of the case, which guarantees a very fast recharge, given that in just 10 minutes offers up to approximately 4 hours of sound reproduction.

In practice, the manufacturer's estimates turn out to be roughly correct, obviously not using the active ANC, which reduces the autonomy declared by the house by about 40%, thus reaching about the 6 hours of total autonomy at almost maximum volume.

App on Smartphone

As we have already seen recently in the model Space Q45, the over-ear by exception of the company, the reference app in this case remains the same with some points in common and some improved features, especially in equalization. What I can tell you is that thanks to the Soundcore app, free to be on iOS and Android, we have the possibility, as always, to manage noise cancellation, but also to fully customize the controls we use to interact with the headphones, and even disable some of these.

In addition, the most interesting gem of all is functionality HearID: thanks to a test that is carried out by reproducing a rather wide range of frequencies, where we are personally called to answer whether we can hear it or not, the headphones make an analysis of our hearing state and, consequently, adapt the reproduction of frequencies to to make the user experience better and not make us weigh the fact that our hearing "sins" in some particular frequency.

In addition, in the application there is the possibility to adjust the intensity of the noise cancellation through a manual mode, thus customizing every single detail of this front.

Price and Considerations

new Soundcore Space A40 officially cost up The Amazon approximately EUR 100, and for a similar figure it is difficult to find something reliable, especially in terms of noise cancellation which is one of the best performing in this price range.

The only weak point, perhaps, are the microphones to be picky but otherwise these Soundcore Space A40 they have good management through the proprietary app, good sound performance and also excellent battery life.


Buy the new Soundcore Space A40 on the official website 

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