Smartphone crisis: such a negative Q3 hasn't been seen for years

smartphone crisis

The bad news for the mobile sector shows no sign of abating, with numbers and results that confirm the smartphone crisis which is afflicting the telephone market. Despite 2021 seemed to have relieved sales after a fatal 2020, this year has instead the negative trend confirmed that has hovered over this technological market segment for years now. And thanks to the latest data published by the Canalys research center, we can see that the results of the Q3 2022 I am in line with this situation.

Upgrade 28 / 10: we have new details on the trend of global sales in Q3, you can find them at the end of the article.

The decline in sales of smartphones around the world continues, the crisis is not improving

smartphone sales world q3 2022

Based on the numbers witnessed by Canalys, smartphone sales in the world suffer a decrease of -9% if we compare Q3 2021 and 2022; in addition to being the third consecutive decline after Q1 and Q2, that of 2022 proves to be the worst Q3 since 2014 in terms of global results. There are many reasons why we are witnessing this progressive decline, first and foremost the economic crisis that is raging in various parts of the world, between East and West, exacerbated by energy crisis e conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Not to mention the semiconductor crisis, which is pushing manufacturers to create products not so dissimilar to those of previous years.

smartphone sales world q3 2022

As Canalys analysts say, the smartphone market is "highly responsive to demand“, And is therefore adjusting to the difficult global situation. We see this from how many producers are revising their annual sales estimates downwards, whether we are talking about companies "Western"Than of those Eastern. Going more specifically, the ranking of the top five global brands always sees Samsung in first place in slight growth at 22%, with Apple which with an annual + 3% remains firm in second position at 18%.

It is worse for China companies, with Xiaomi always third but stops at 14%, while OPPO (whose numbers also include OnePlus) e vivo both fall to 10% e 9%. Not surprisingly, sales are especially rewarding premium products, a market segment that mostly belongs to the Apple and Samsung duo. This is because brands such as the top of the range Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo they are mostly sold in China, where the economic crisis is making itself felt and not poco.

New info | Update 28/10

Based on data from Counterpoint Research, the sales of smartphones on the global market they increased slightly by + 2% from Q2 to Q3 2022 but they are dropped by -12% on an annual basis. Manufacturers managed to return above the critical threshold of 300 million smartphones sold, even if the comparison with the third quarter sees many brands in the negative.

smartphone world sales q3 2022

The podium is still occupied by the triptych composed of Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, which together sold over 153 of the 300 million smartphones in Q3 2022. Of all the companies involved, the only one to have registered growth is Apple, + 2 % compared to last year, while all the others are down: Samsung al -8%, Xiaomi al -9% but especially OPPO e vivo both at -23%.

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