Samsung Galaxy F04s: new entry-level on the way, but it could be a rebrand

Samsung Galxy F04s wifi alliance leak

Samsung would have a new one in the pipeline entry-level. On the web we start talking about Galaxy F04s, a smartphone that would have obtained its first certifications in these hours. However, it could be yet another rebrand. Let's find out all the details together.

Will Samsung Galaxy F04s be yet another rebrand?

Samsung Galxy F04s wifi alliance leak

According to what has emerged on the net in recent hours, a new smartphone Samsung with model number SM-E045F / DS just got certified WiFi Alliance. According to the source, it is about Samsung Galaxy F04s, precisely because its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy F02s (yes, apparently the manufacturer skipped a series) had SM-E025F and SM-E025F / DS as model number.

From the moment Samsung Galaxy F02s it was none other than the rebrand of Samsung Galaxy M02s o Galaxy A02s depending on the market, too Samsung Galaxy F04s it should be one renamed version of Galaxy A04s launched in August.

The certification also leaked some features of the alleged new smartphone, which it would apparently support Single-band Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and would work with Android 12. Unfortunately, the documentation does not reveal any further details, but if it really is a rebrand of the Samsung Galaxy A04s, then we could expect the same. technical.

Will it really be so? We are sure to know more in the coming weeks.

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