A black 2022 is expected for Samsung's finances

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In the Android world, it's been ten years since Samsung reconfirms itself as the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the sector, with models among the best sellers every year. Despite this position of strength, the smartphone crisis is not giving discounts to anyone and is affecting past, current and future sales of this unfortunate 2022. In the case of Samsung, then, the market crisis would not only be affecting the smartphone division, but also the other sectors in which the company south Korean operates successfully.

For analysts, the technological crisis will hit Samsung's coffers once again

According to the estimates of the analysts of the Refinitiv SmartEstimate team, 2022 should end with a drop in profits of -25% for the whole of Samsung Electronics, the first decline since Q1 2020. If we talk about smartphones, for months we have been talking about how Samsung is having difficulty in being able to see its products; the rumors speak of millions of unsold phones and a consequent drop in production to avoid finding yourself with too many inventories. Fortunately for Samsung, the launch of models like the S22 series, Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 has allowed it to raise your profits; not only S22 Ultra is the top of the Android range best seller, but its leaflets are practically a monopoly.

samsung logo

The problems for Samsung would not be limited to smartphones alone, since the consequences of the economic recession would also affect other branches of the company. As Greg Roh of South Korean Hyundai says, "to be the world's leading manufacturer of memory chips, the first in OLED displays for TVs and mobile devices, and the first in smartphone shipments, Samsung is very sensitive to the economy, with profits easily linked to demand".

It should be noted that the price of DRAM chips for smartphones and PCs fell by -14%, as well as that of NAND chips, which also fell by -8%, for an overall drop of about -30% for the entire Samsung's chip division. When your results also depend on the other technology makers, providing them with memories, chips, displays and cameras, if they are in crisis, you too are affected. And as a result, Samsung's stock has also seen a one-third decline this year

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