OPPO Pad Air review: the TABLET that gives you A LOT, spending POCO!

The market for cheap tablets is always a very flourishing sector, above all due to the totally renewed ways of working and the opening in the school sector to the use of these technological accessories for the educational paths of students. Obviously when demand increases, the supply of companies can only be higher and if until a few years ago tablets were in production in very few companies, now the number of manufacturers has grown.

One of the players who presented his proposal in this market was OPPO, with his pad that I liked it through and through, which is a great thing if we consider that it was the first approach to this world; a few months later the producer replayed another card, which is called Pad Air, and like any self-respecting Air (and as mom Apple teaches) there is a price reduction, but not performance.

OPPO Pad Air Review

Design and Materials

And yes, if the price goes down, it doesn't mean that even the quality has to get worse, and with this OPPO Pad Air the company has confirmed it to us; the newly launched tablet has a rather solid design and is well built, the body is made of metal with the usual matte finish to the touch and with pretty details details in 3D along the upper part of the back cover, almost breaking the monochrome of the body.

The dimensions are equal to 245.1 x 154.8 x 6.9 mm and the weight is equal to about 440 grams, therefore, the product falls by right among the "non-pocket" tablets, given the size of the 10.3 ″ inch display. I do not consider it comfortable to use with one hand, but on the other hand in this range of products it is impossible to find a comfortable one of this size. On the aesthetic front, then, there is well poco to add because this Pad Air does not bring anything exclusive but frankly it was not a priority at all.

What certainly catches the eye is an aesthetic detail on one of the two short sides: the company has entered into a partnership with Dolby Atmos for the audio part of this tablet, which is why you will find a silkscreen that certifies them. Then there are the various keys and buttons for ignition and volume control integrated on the left side, together with a small removable trolley that could deceive you: this tablet does not come with the telephone module on board, but only with expansion memory via MicroSD.

On the two short sides, then, the four stereo speakers of the tablet are integrated, while on the right side the USB-C connector for battery charging has also been inserted. Alas missing a connector from 3.5mm for headphones, which on this kind of products I continue to appreciate despite the widespread diffusion of bluetooth headsets.


Frontally, I was a little hurt, I have to be honest: theOPPO Pad Air, aesthetically speaking, it is a product that makes itself loved from the first moments, but then when we turn it on and we realize the rather important frames that distinguish it, then maybe something will change in your judgment.

However, if you are not sick like me and manage to overlook details like this, the display by 10.36 " inches of IPS type with 2K resolution of this OPPO Pad Air, it will give you great satisfactions, I'm sure. The quality of the colors reproduced is clearly superior to its direct competitor products, the colors are quite natural and well balanced. Too bad only for the absence of HDR.

However, not all that glitters is gold because, especially if used under sunlight, OPPO Pad Air it could cause you some difficulties: I am referring to the anti-reflective treatment put in place by the Chinese manufacturer that is not up to the standard of a brand like OPPO, which has amply demonstrated what it is capable of doing.

Hardware and Performance

I found the technical data sheet more convincing than other similar products that I happened to try in this market segment: the company has focused on a well-run and functioning Snapdragon 680, 4GB RAM memory (to which up to an additional 3GB can be added virtually through the dynamic expansion present in the software) e 64 or 128GB of internal storage, which can mean a difference of 50 euros on the list price.

Leaving aside these details, even if it is not a medium or high-end hardware, how much more entry-level (at least in the world of smartphones the Snapdragon 680 is included in low-end products), the OPPO Pad Air if it were not for multiasking a bit limited due to the non-optimal RAM management, it is a truly complete product that can become the reference point in the multimedia field for playing movies, mid-range games (but not top like Call of Duty) and again in schools and universities.

The benchmarks are proof that this is not a device to put under stress or to use as only we nerds know how to do, as much as it is a really concrete product to be used in everyday scenarios, without making any claims of a performance or numerical type. In addition it must be said that theOPPO Pad Air It is certified Widevine L1, therefore for multimedia use it is one of the most interesting products currently in circulation, also in relation to the performance of its speakers, very well calibrated both in quality and volume.


On the software front, no news, especially if you have already seen the review of OPPO Pad a few months ago; for those who have lost it, however, I can tell you that the great work of OPPO we have also seen on the software front, where it has released a version of ColorOS optimized properly for tablets, with a good number of dedicated features such as the split screen to better manage multitasking, the ability to create and manage windows, the bar side with quick shortcuts and so on.

For lovers of more technical details, the version of the coloros performed here is 12.1 while Android is in version 12. There are also here, in addition, all the features related to the aesthetic customization of the device with wallpapers and themes available to the user, as well as the extended RAM that can increase up to 3GB further the physical RAM memory installed.


On the photographic front, the downgrade compared to the main model presented by the company, but not commer, is more evident; while on the top of the range we had a 13MP lens and an 8MP selfe, this Pad Air comes with one 8MP f / 2.0 primary lens and a selfie lens from 5MP f / 2.2, both capable of capturing FullHD video at 30fps.

Beyond this, however, what matters is certainly the actual quality of the shots taken: the photos captured are average, they earn the sufficiency that for a mid-range tablet is still a big milestone achieved, especially if you consider that in this sector one of the few that exceeds the sufficiency is only iPad.

However, here the shots are good, even if in the absence of light you certainly encounter some difficulties; good 5MP front lens that makes this tablet great for video calls, video lessons and similar uses. However, the videos captured by both cameras are not the best in quality.


On the autonomy front, then, OPPO did an exceptional job: this Pad Air comes with a battery from 7100 mAh which is able to meet the needs of practically everyone, but if we simulate a use of 5-6 hours a day, you can use the tablet even for 3 consecutive days without recharging the battery.

In purely numerical terms, reproducing films for example, OPPO Pad Air easily reaches about 17 hours of active screen, very interesting values. Add to this also that the OPPO tablet supports Super VOOC fast charging up to 18W, and recharges from 0 to 100% in poco more than two and a half hours.

Price and considerations

If you are wondering why you should buy OPPO Pad Air, now I answer you: if you are looking for a product of around 300 euros for multimedia and school use, with a premium design and a good battery, then this is the right product for you.

Last updated the 02 / 02 / 2023 18: 05

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a device with a super display, with super pumped performance, with excellent multitasking and a wide range of external accessories, then I recommend you focus on something more complete (but certainly also more expensive). After all, this OPPO Pad Air officially arrives in Italy to 299 € for version 4/64 and 349 € for the 4/128 version, for which a product suitable for everyone and, if we want, measured for the needs of (almost) every type of user.

Design and Materials
Hardware and Performance
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oppo-pad-air-reviewOPPO Pad Air is that tablet that you can take anywhere and you are sure it will not disappoint you, but be careful: if you are tied to benchmarks, numbers and super performance, it is not the product for you.