Nothing intrigues fans with the concept renders of the over-ear headphones

nothing hear one over-ear headphones concept render

It is now clear: when it comes to Nothing, the focus is always high and is always about something in terms of style and design. Even those not yet made by the same brand, given that Nothing reported some concept renders of over-ear headphones made by a fan: curious to see them?

Nothing Head (1), the brand asks fans if they want over-ear headphones

To report the concept renderings of the fan designer is Carl Pei himself, who therefore presents the various options of both color and style of these over-ear headphones, which actually recall in an important way both the Ear earphones (1), both the smartphone NothingPhone (1). The CEO of the brand has already given the headphones a name, calling them head (1) and in fact, it fits perfectly.

The designer imagined them with a transparent shell, now Nothing's trademark thanks to Glyph Interface, but also very thin (and we imagine light) despite two pavilions quite rich in clearly visible components. The concept is presented in both black and white and, moreover, the user also had an idea by creating a possible wireless charging case in pure startup style.

But the great thing is that Nothing itself asked the fans if they should really think about it and, considering that it would be a product of great impact, we really hope that they will take it into consideration. Meanwhile, the October 26, 2022 we will deal with the Ear (Stick), new in-ear audio expression.

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