Motorola Edge 30 Fusion review: how good are you, Motorola?

motorola edge 30 fusion review

Motorola in the last period has totally reborn, not only because it has started producing smartphones again but also because it is strongly committed to the European market, in order to be able to develop the brand and make it return to the ancient splendors of the past.

In recent weeks the company has announced three mid-range and very high-end smartphones of the "Edge 30" series, and the first one that has arrived in my hands is the mid-range of the family, theEdge 30 Fusion that from the first approach I am sure it will cause a massacre of hearts. I'll tell you why I would recommend it, and why it may not be suitable for you!

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion review

Design and Materials

Before starting it is necessary to make a note: I hardly ever dwell on the packaging and on details of this type because it should become customary to use recycled materials, but what Motorola did was completely revolutionize the packaging and use all ecological materials, including sealing seals made of paper and with ecological glue.

That said, Motorola Edge 30 Fusion is an elegant smartphone, beautiful and perfectly usable with one hand without major difficulties: it is 158.5 x 72 x 7.5 mm large and weighs approximately 170 grams, a feather if you think that there is a 4400 mAh battery. The side frame is made of aluminum, while the entire back cover is made of glass Gorilla Glass 5, like the front, on the other hand: I really appreciated the 3D finishes glossy near the wording "Motorola" at the bottom and the logo in the center of the back cover, which provides a nice detachment from the matte finish of the black back cover it is equipped with.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

Le colors announced by the company are four: Blue, White, Black and Gold all made with the same materials and types of finishes. The feature that makes it easy to use, of course, are the curved edges on the back and front: I know, many of you don't like them, but try them for two weeks and then you won't go back. Guaranteed.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

Il bump room it does not create too many unevenness on a plane: the protrusion is completely tolerable, and as always Motorola has thought of every single detail to finish with style both the side frames of the bump camera and the frames of the lenses themselves. Small details that make the difference. For the rest, in terms of equipment, it has the usual ones on the right keys volume and ignition and lockout: I found them very subtle and at times poco practical to use, especially because they did not seem perfectly "stable". On the left it is clean, while at the bottom there is the slot for the two nano SIMs and the USB-C connector for charging.

The speaker on this Edge 30 Fusion it is stereo, and has the certification Dolby Atmos multidimensional: in practice it guarantees good volume, good balanced bass and superior clarity in the reproduction of voices. The performance of these speakers is interesting, especially given the rather limited thickness. As for the water resistance certifications, Motorola guarantees this smartphone for IP52 and not beyond.


The display unit mounted on board the Moto edge 30 fusion is spectacular, despite being a mid-range: first of all the dimensions are perfectly optimized, 6.55 ″ inch pOLED with FullHD + resolution, absolutely borderless, with support for 144Hz and HDR10 +. Obviously the technical specifications speak for themselves, but if you add Motorola's ingenious software to all this, which those who are passionate will already know, the bar rises considerably.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

The display achieves in particularly complex conditions up to 1000 nits peak, values ​​that, for example, are close to the top of the range of other companies (er, did someone say Samsung?). The colors are exceptional, there is a good viewing angle and nothing to complain about, but on the other hand it is a panel produced by LG so finding the negative sides would only be pure "pickiness". Furthermore, as anticipated, compatibility with the most recent standards is certified: HLG, HDR10 and HDR10 +. The Widevine L1 certifications are not lacking either. Under the screen, however, the company has opted for an optical type biometric reader, and I must say that both the positioning and the reliability are quite good.

When I talked about Motorola's genius, I was referring in particular to theAlways On Display typical of the company: also on this model it is present, and as usual it can be customized entirely via software, configuring itself as one of the best AOD ever seen on a smartphone.

Hardware and Performance

To call it mid-range, for some, it might seem a heresy: in fact, the SoC that we find here on board is one Snapdragon 888 +, flanked by 8GB of RAM and a storage of 128GB UFS 3.1 (of which about 110 are actually available). And ok, I agree with you if you tell me that the chipset is not among the newest in circulation, but it is a very successful processor for Qualcomm (at least from my point of view) and in everyday performance it has well poco to envy the top of the range.

The usual good software optimization Motorola makes the smartphone gain a few more points in the benchmarks than other competitors with heavier software and similar hardware (read between the lines, Xiaomi); the substantial difference, however, can be seen in the use of every day because this smartphone, as it is, offers performance on a par with much more expensive smartphones and certainly more recent hardware.

What I have noticed is that during the stress tests performed with the various benchmark apps the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion tends to warm up a bit along the top of the frame, but the heat dissipation is pretty good and the smartphone quickly returns to traditional working temperatures. However, there is some slowdown in the interface when temperatures rise a little, but this is probably due to the fact that the software limits the performance of the CPU to favor faster cooling.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

In situations where I put it to the test, then with games of the caliber of Fortnite or Call of Duty, the smartphone has always held up well and made everything work at maximum graphic details, without frame drops, freezes or overheating that could make me worry.


La software experience that Motorola is able to provide can be compared without any doubt to what Google is able to offer with its pixel, without ifs and buts. Personally I consider Motorola one of the most advanced companies on the software front because it looks after the substance, without crap or without futuristic things that then turn out to be useless or malfunctioning.

The software present here on board is Android in 12 version with a fully stock interface, and security patches updated to September 1, 2022; there is the usual Motorola app that allows you to customize the graphic appearance of your smartphone, learn how to use all its functions and so on.

Here too, as always, there is the possibility to completely customize the lock screen of the always-on display, or the very useful Ready For, which allows you to connect your smartphone to a monitor / TV and use it as if it were a real and your own computer (therefore possibly also with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard). The software in principle, as a tradition for years now, is perfect: fluid, fast, snappy and without bugs of any kind.


Motorola Edge 30 Fusion comes with three cameras along the back: the camera bump that I praised earlier houses two larger lenses, the first from 50MP f / 1.8 with OmniVision sensor and the second ultrawide from 13MP f / 2.2. This is followed by the third depth lens from 2MP f / 2.4 useful for shooting in portrait mode.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

Before telling you what I think of the quality of the photos taken by this smartphone, I want to once again commend the work done by Motorola in the camera app; also this is entirely proprietary and is almost perfect, full of options especially in the PRO mode, where you can adjust practically everything that comes to mind.

Having said that by day the Motorola Edge 30 Mergers take very nice photos: the shots are rich in detail, the colors are faithful and even the contrasts are more than promoted. I have not noticed any details changes improvements that you can do very well without using this mode.The autofocus speed did not fully convince me, which is why in some circumstances I had to focus manually to make sure my subjects really were .

La ultrawide lens, on the other hand, it produces good photos even if not in line with the main lens: inevitably the number of details captured is much lower, and Motorola on this has not filled the void that many manufacturers carry with them, namely that of not adopting a quality wide-angle camera, which at the moment only Honor 70 has managed to do.

La situation at night it follows the previous judgments; I like the shots of the main camera, a little less those of the wide angle which still exceeds the mark with flying colors. The selfie camera, on the other hand, is 32MP: the quality of the shots is good and even in portrait mode Moto Edge 30 Fusion will give you good satisfactions.

La video recordingfinally, it can reach the 8K is 30fps: for convenience in video export I used the samples in FullHD at 60fps, but in both cases the quality is really good with a large number of details and beautiful colors captured. The optical stabilization is present only on the main lens, which does a good job of stabilizing the videos thanks to the electronic one. The ultra-wide-angle lens, on the other hand, stops at 40K 30fps and is only electronically stabilized.


Battery life averages this Edge 30 Fusion; Motorola has inserted, as I anticipated, a unit from 4400 mAh which is a good value if we keep in mind the very small thickness and the rather low weight. In practice, it is a smartphone that accompanies you until the evening, but with stressful uses it could put you in a position to make some sacrifices.

motorola edge 30 fusion review

However the device is equipped with fast charging up to 68W and thanks to the power supply included in the package it can be recharged up to about 30% in just 80 minutes, while in less than an hour it can be completely ready for use.

Price and Considerations

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion is proposed by Motorola at a list price of € 679,90 but since the first days of sale the company itself has proposed it on its official shop at € 579,90, a not low figure on which the most of the midrange has settled. Still on the subject of prices, I can tell you that this smartphone has a street price that is around 500 euros, and for this figure it becomes an interesting product.

Last updated the 06 / 12 / 2022 09: 02

I agree with you that this is an expensive device, but I think by now it is understood that the price bar (unfortunately) has risen. To date, it is probably worthwhile to focus again on 2021 devices given the few innovations introduced this year, but looking only at what Edge 30 Fusion can offer, I can firmly tell you that it is a respectable mid-range: exceptional display, beautiful design, balanced hardware and very good cameras. The downside? Maybe the battery, but you can turn a blind eye to it.