Meross Thermostat and Diffuser Review: your 100% SMART home

All of us, who in a more radical way and who with a few squabbles, are dealing with home automation in the home: we started with Alexa, thanks to The Amazon that with its cheaper devices has brought the voice assistant (and home automation, consequently) into the homes of all of us.

Now almost everything has become smart, from light bulbs to room fragrances that can be adjusted by voice or by remote smartphone. There is one of the most interesting companies to provide home automation solutions meross, a brand that produces various smart accessories from multi-socket plugs to thermostats, diffusers and much more. Today I'm talking about two products that the company sent us, the thermostat and the diffuser.

Meross Thermostat and Diffuser Review

The thermostat

Il smart thermostat is the first of the products that the company invited us to try: first of all I start by telling you that there are more variants of this product, depending on the heating system installed in your home. I chose the traditional one for boilers and heaters, but you can also find the one suitable for regulating floor systems.

His operation and its installation are very simple: you can replace it with the classic “old style” thermostat you have at home, since the connections are exactly the same. As can be seen from the diagrams below, the only difference consists in the connection of the cables in position 6-7 on which it is possible to connect an external sensor that meross supplied in the package and allows an external positioning of the probe to measure the even more accurate temperature (but it is not mandatory to use it).

Once connected the device has a touchscreen display with white lettering; alas, there is no black variant of this thermostat available, so if it clashes with the design of your home, unfortunately you will have no other choice. Its operation is very simple, it does not require any hub to configure itself and you can do everything via smartphone app. Once connected to the home Wi-Fi network, the Meross smart thermostat is immediately detected in the home automation apps integrated into smartphones, such as Apple's "Home", as well as by the various voice assistants on your smartphone with which it immediately offers you the association (in my case Alexa).

For the rest it is a classic thermostat with all the typical functions we are used to: there is the possibility of programming by time, days or temperature, all with a user-friendly interface that is very simple to configure in all respects, unlike of the old thermostats that, often, could require a rather large dose of patience.

Of course I mentioned compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings: this gives you the possibility to manage all the functions, as well as remotely, even with the sole use of the voice without the smartphone or without getting up from the sofa.

The environmental diffuser

Sul diffuser and environmental perfumer of meross, on the other hand, there is a little less to tell: aesthetically it is the classic room diffuser we are used to, it has a rather simple style with faux wood finishes, since it is made entirely of plastic. Very nice the circular led which divides the lower part from the upper one which is removable and allows water to be filled with the addition of essential oils to perfume the environment.

Laterally they are present two physical buttons: the first is useful for switching on the device if you do not have any voice assistants to activate it, and the second which allows you to switch on the lights only. What are its extra features that differentiate it from a regular speaker? He too is gifted with Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the various voice assistants I mentioned poco does. Once connected to your home network, and for the first connection you will need the Meross app, we can combine it with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant to be able to plan and automate its switching on and off. Obviously, if you do not have a voice assistant, you can do everything via the mobile app, adjusting the color of the light and its intensity as well as the power of the ambient diffuser.

Prices and Considerations

Both of the two devices can be purchased on The Amazon via the box below: they have gods prices online with competitors and definitely within everyone's reach, especially in relation to the fact that these are smart products and compatible with all voice assistants in circulation. In addition, if you want to complete your home's smart ecosystem, sul official website of the manufacturer there is an immense amount of products to make every corner of your home smart.