Meco Eleverde Vacuum review: blows and sucks up the lightest dust!

meco eleverde

It is certainly not a trend in recent months that of portable vacuum cleaners, or better known also with the name of handheld vacuum cleaners: it is a product that has always been present in our homes for small daily cleaning, and now on Amazon there are so many products that are they fit into this sector and they bring some goodies that make them unique.

This is the case with this handheld vacuum cleaner from Meco Eleverde, a Chinese brand that has been producing tech accessories for the home for years: today I'll show you how the4 in 1 vacuum cleaner whose code name is ME-CR2, in case you were wondering.

Meco Eleverde review

Design and Materials

I start first from dimensions practical and comfortable: the vacuum cleaner by Meco Eleverde it is easy to hold with one hand, weighs about 400 grams and can be used without too much difficulty regardless of the size of your hands. The handle, in fact, has a rather small diameter and is smaller than a can of compressed air, so to speak.

meco eleverde

Il body it is then made entirely in plastic and which testifies to the weight so reduced; along the front of the device there is the possibility to remove the dirt tank which has a washable HEPA filter, an uncommon and obvious feature in products of this type.

meco eleverde

On the other side of the handle, however, we find a USB-C connector which allows us to recharge the internal battery that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with.

Cleaning quality

The technical specifications of this vacuum cleaner and blower by Meco Eleverde they tell us it has suction power variable from 8 to 12Kpa, adjustable on three levels using the physical button in the handle. I haven't specified it until now but I think you have guessed that the product in question not only acts as a vacuum cleaner but also as a blower: also in this case it has three power adjustment levels, 20-22-25 m / s.

meco eleverde

If you are really wondering what these technical data mean, I try to give you an effective answer: as evidenced by the accessory kit in the package, this vacuum cleaner Meco Eleverde is a product suitable for "painstaking" cleaning and certainly not for very dusty environments that would certainly require a higher power. In my case, I tried this vacuum cleaner between the crevices of my office desk, in the car and on the sofa in the living room, with pretty good results.

As for the power of the blower, in that case I noticed better performance when the dust was on smooth surfaces (for example a desk, a keyboard and the like, but not for example in the carpet of my car or in the gaps between the lever of the gearbox and protective cap: the dust goes away quickly if not "trapped", because in that case a much higher power would be required, such as that of a can of compressed air or a compressor.


In terms of autonomy, the Meco Eleverde vacuum cleaner has a 7500 mAh which can guarantee about 20 minutes of use continuous at maximum power without difficulty; charging times with a 18W power supply (not supplied in the package) can be around 2 hours for a full charge.

meco eleverde

Price and Considerations

The price of this vacuum cleaner from Meco Eleverde is approximately EUR 80: it is certainly not among the cheapest in the sector, but it can often be found on offer at lower figures and it can be a good buy to always keep in the car in case of need on the fly for any need. Not the right product if you need to vacuum up stubborn liquids or dirt.