iPhone 14 Pro on DxOMark: the camera is one step away from the top

iphone 14 pro dxomark camera

After witnessing the various tests of the samples of the Android landscape, it's time too iPhone 14 Pro to land on DxOMark for proof camera. The result this time is much higher than it was in the past, given now the latest flagship of Apple it is currently only one point from the summit, unfortunately unable to undermine Honor.

iPhone 14 Pro behind everyone on DxOMark, but Honor Magic 4 Ultimate's camera is still the best

iphone 14 pro dxomark camera 2

So how did the camera of the new Apple top range behave? If we had to make a summary, we could simply say: great. However, there are some details that need to be explained and that basically explain the total score obtained. Starting right from photo. The score of 143 sums up an excellent one exposure, excellent texture fidelity, the autofocus performed well but they are the colors to be of a high level, so much so that to date it is the highest data obtained on the platform (119 points).

The Bokeh photos are also a record holder, with 80 points and the previews, which reach the top with 91 points. The Zoom also performs well with 139 points although it is not the highest figure ever. We then move on to the videos, where iPhone 14 Pro dominates and in fact the score of 149 find 5 components in which the Apple device is currently the best: exposure, colors, autofocus, noise and stabilization make this sector now proverbial. Honorable mention to the selfie camera, which is currently the best on DxOMark ever with a score of 145.

But what, then, is the total obtained? iPhone 14 Pro obtained an overall of 146 points, which for a single point does not allow to reach the summit firmly held by Honor Magic 4 Ultimate, which has 147 points. This means a lot about the work done by Apple to make its top a smartphone camera icon, but who knows if the Pro Max can definitely undermine the Chinese rival.

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