Honor Pad 8 review: 12 inches of SUBSTANCE that does not fear COMPETITION!

honor pad 8 review

Just a few days ago I told you about OPPO Pad Air, a device that enters the world of tablets with a straight leg but which, as per OPPO tradition, has the usual problem of the price a little higher than it should; like a bolt from the blue the new Honor Pad 8 arrived in my studio, without wanting it or knowing it, which, unlike what one might imagine from the name, unfortunately does not have an 8-inch screen (a decidedly requested but very neglected format by the producers), but rather by 12 inches.

He has a very aggressive price and some really interesting specs that could make the competitors in circulation tremble. I'll tell you how it goes and why it might be suitable for your use.

Honor Pad 8 review

Design and Materials

Let's say that at first glance when I took it in my hand everything seemed to me, except a cheap product: let's be clear, it still costs about 300 euros, but if we consider that in the tablet sector we are now also exceeding 1000 euros rather easily, 300 € they are comfortably an entry-level figure. This clarification has been omitted Honor Pad 8 it is really beautiful with its anodized aluminum body and matte finishes, which as well as they are well cared for still retain a lot of fingerprints during use.

honor pad 8 review

Personally I consider tablets larger than 10 inches quite uncomfortable to use in everyday life: this Honor Pad 8, not surprisingly, is large 278.5 x 174.1 x 6.9mm and weighs approximately 520 grams, so unless you use it with a cover and its stand, to hold in your hand during use is rather mammoth. However it must be said that with a so great display, removed the inconvenience that can be subjective, you have to fall in love at first glance: even the frames are quite well optimized and from the vivo make it much better than in photos.

honor pad 8 review

Il tablets di Honor it has a small camera bump on the back that houses the camera without a LED flash, while on the long right side there is the volume rocker and the power button. On the two short sides, however, the company has inserted four stereo speakers whose quality is really very good and satisfying, with a round and well-equalized sound without tweaking of any kind at the software level.

On the other hand, however, it must be said that the only one is present USB-C input for charging and any headphones via adapter, but not the AUX port. Absent, obviously, IP certifications Of every kind.


Il could have been studied better, at least at the level of technical specifications: it must be said, in fact, that compared to the Realme Pad we tested a few days ago, a lower technological level is evident, but if taken individually and without reading the technical data sheet, the display of this Honor Pad 8 it might genuinely surprise you.

honor pad 8 review

It has, first of all, a diagonal equal to 12 inches and a resolution that reaches 1200 x 2000 pixels, about 195ppi and refresh rate, unfortunately, up to only 60Hz; among other things there is no support for HDR, HDR10 + and so on, but on the other hand we have a maximum brightness of about 400 peak nits that will make you enjoyable even outdoors without any difficulty. Obviously the panel is IPS LCD.

The color calibration that Honor has applied is very good, and as usual the software that allows you to interact with the display and customize its temperature and accuracy is also excellent.

Hardware and Performance

The hardware aspect after the release of the Xiaomi pad 5 it was a bit deleterious for all the other manufacturers who have entered this world: at the moment the Xiaomi tablet is the one it owns, despite more than a year having passed since its presentation, the best value for money ever in the world of Tablet. Despite this Honor Pad 8 arrives with Snapdragon 680 on board, an Octa-Core CPU with clocked up to 2.4GHz, 4 or 6GB of RAM memory e 128GB of internal storage not expandable.

The performance of this tablet is certainly not the best ever, it must be said: the Snap 680 is not a very recent processor and is certainly surpassed by the 695 always from Qualcomm or even from the same Helio G99 of the recently tested Redmi Pad. In the benchmarks it is evident how this Honor Pad 8 does not hold up the blow compared to its competitors, but if you are not interested in having the most powerful device in your hands but simply a well-built and well-functioning tablet, it could be the right product.

Consider that it is certified Widevine L1, for which the multimedia uses in the various streaming apps are one of its strong points; in addition with such hardware you can surf online, take notes in the Office suite (or similar) without problems, and even play some titles a little more quiet and not demanding of first-class hardware.


It is on the software front that things get more interesting because the MagicUI 6.1 based on Android 12 here it is perfectly optimized to allow you to make the most of such a large screen surface.

There are various optimizations dedicated to multi-window features to manage up to two windows at the same time, you can use the split screen and then open multiple apps at the same time and much more. In addition, graphically it always remains quite captivating, it may not appeal to everyone but basically it offers good stability and performance, so technically there is not much to complain about.


The photographic aspect has always been a gap for products in this sector: Honor Pad 8, certainly, will not be the exception with its two 5MP cameras with f / 2.2 aperture having the same technical specifications both on the back and on the front. The camera app is basically the usual Honor already seen elsewhere but with a more limited interface given the shortcomings of the mounted sensors.

honor pad 8 review

The photographs captured by the device, however, are sufficient with a perhaps somewhat limited dynamic range but still with good colors in most cases; there are not many claims to be made from devices like this, but know that in emergencies you can count on him. As I told you before, however, the LED flash is missing so no photos in the dark with this device. Selfies are more than decent, colors are a bit cooler than expected but for sporadic video calls and selfies they are definitely promoted. The videos, on the other hand, obviously have no stabilization and can be recorded by both cameras up to a maximum of 1080p 30fps.


What is certain is that I certainly would have expected a slightly larger battery for such a large device: Honor has, in fact, opted for a unit from 7250 mAh, like much smaller devices, which can guarantee a good autonomy but not the best ever.

honor pad 8 review

I did a video playback test on Netflix at maximum brightness under Wi-Fi network and with stereo sound, and I realized that you can get up to about 7 hours of active screen which can reach about 10 hours if we are willing to decrease the brightness of the panel a little. Full charging takes about two hours with a maximum power consumption of 22.5W.

Price and Considerations

Honor Pad 8 costs about 300 euros on Amazon thanks to the various offers (temporary and not) of which you can find the link below; it is a valid device because it has a rather large display, is well built, has well optimized software that allows you to fully exploit its potential. Basically it would be a recommended product for a good 70% of tablet users, were it not for some shortcomings such as the somewhat limited hardware and the absence of the MicroSD slot which can be a negative factor for many.

What is certain is that if such a device had not existed Xiaomi pad 5 many of these tablets would have had an easier time. Guaranteed.

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