No, Pixel Watch doesn't support wireless charging - Google's answer

Google Pixel Watch

Despite Google has devoted ample space to the presentation of the new Pixel Watch and its functions, some early buyers have discovered a feature that has not yet been formalized by the developers: support for wireless charging.

15 / 10 Update: there are some clarifications regarding the alleged support for wireless charging of the Pixel Watch. Find all the news directly in the article.

Google Pixel Watch also offers support for wireless charging

Google Pixel Watch

As it stated by Google, the only way to recharge the Pixel Watch is to connect it to the cable Magnetic USB-C included in the sales package. The online search giant was obliged to specify that wireless charging is in no way supported, but the situation would appear to be a little different.

The first users to be able to get their hands on the Google Pixel Watch, in fact, they were able to find that wireless charging is actually supported by the smartwatch, but only in quite specific situations.

Specifically, wireless charging appears to work with smartphone that offer the reverse charging, as the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, and some Qi chargers. This has created no small confusion, given the categorical denial by Google.

"Wireless charging is not supported on the Google Pixel Watch. There might be some setups where reverse wireless charging or Qi chargers might work.

However, these are very specific cases and a stable user experience or proper charging of the device is not guaranteed. Note that in some cases, this could cause the device to discharge while it is in office. You should always use the charger included in the package." he has declared un product experts of Google in response to a post on Reddit.

Users who have tested this feature declare that the charging times have not lengthened, but it is clear that the user experience changes from case to case. However, it is good to specify - as also reported by Google - that the wearable is not designed for wireless charging and that in some cases it could occur. the discharge of the device.

Google pixel watch fitbit ecg app

However it is good to note that Google talks about some configurations in which this technology could work: perhaps support for the wireless charging can it be enabled via an update and maybe using a proprietary charger?

We'll see and in the meantime, if you want to know more about Big G's first smartwatch, here's ours deepening dedicated.

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