Google Pixel 7 Pro surpasses Honor on DxOMark: it's the new definitive Camera Phone!

Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark

DxOMark has finally analyzed the new Google Pixel 7 Pro electing him as champion of Camera Phone. A stunning result for this new smartphone that has managed to match the performance of the superb Honor Magic 4 Ultimate. Let's find out the details of the analysis!

Google Pixel 7 Pro is the new camera phone champion, according to DxOMark

Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark

DxOMark has quickly become an institution in the sector thanks to the in-depth and meticulous analyzes of the smartphone photographic sector. Their personal ranking of the best camera phones, in these hours, has gained a new leader: the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

The new top of the range arrived on the market in recent weeks was analyzed in detail by the colleagues of DxOMark, totaling the amazing overall score of 147.

Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark

The analysis showed how the camera's Google Pixel 7 Pro is particularly recommended for photos "Friends & Family“, Or those photographs that they often portray multiple people even in unfavorable light conditions, capturing the best skin color and tone.

The capabilities ofautofocus they are considered excellent, able to best capture the moment even in situations of movement. The zoom offers excellent performance at all distances, both in ultra-wide and long-range.

Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark

Among the flaws found we can highlight a visible noise in low light conditions and a slight loss of detail when trying to shoot with close zoom. However, the 30x Super Res Zoom photographs that we could observe are truly incredible!

La front camera, on the other hand, it struggles to keep up with its competitors. In this case, in fact, the undisputed champion remains iPhone 14 Pro (146 points) followed by Huawei P50 Pro (143 points). With 142 points, Pixel 7Pro di Google has to settle for third place in the standings because of a focus not always correct and loss of details in low light conditions.

Please note that Google Pixel 7 e Pixel 7Pro they will get at least 5 years of updates between new features and security improvements, but repairing them may not be a very simple task!

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