The crisis is hitting the PC market hard

computer sales crisis q3 2022

So far the discussion has focused on smartphone first and foremost tablets in secundis, but the technological crisis is affecting many other sectors, computer included. This is demonstrated by the bad financial results that the crisis has spread like wildfire across virtually the entire market, and the IT sector is no exception.

PC market sales are falling: the effects of the crisis on the various manufacturers

The data published by Counterpoint Research analysts speak for themselves: after a fairly linear trend in recent years, the shock caused by the pandemic has caused a sharp rise in demand. Between smart working and people locked up at home, millions have bought PCs and notebooks to use, either for work, or for passions and hobbies. But after the surge between 2020 and 2021, the negative trend has progressively brought down the results of the global market.

computer sales crisis q3 2022

If you look at the last Q3 2022, the whole industry recorded a decrease of -15,5% when compared to last year's quarter, for a total of 71,1 million PCs shipped around the globe. This is the third consecutive quarter in which there is a double-digit decrease, which has led the market to a significant decline compared to previous years. Without considering that the Q3 / Q4 period is usually the most positive period of the year for computer purchases, between school and Christmas holidays.

computer sales crisis q3 2022

Of all the companies that make up the world top 5 in the PC sector, Apple it is the only one to have registered an annual increase, with one + 7% growth between Q3 2021 and 2022. HP is instead the one that fared worse with a decline of -27%, followed by Dell (-21%), Lenovo (-16%) and ASUS (-9%), in addition to -11 % recorded by all other minor producers. According to analysts, computer shipments are expected to continue to have negative numbers for several months, with forecasts pointing to second half of the 2023 as possible period of return to growth.

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