Unlimited charging with the 100W GaN Baseus charger for smartphones and PCs

Baseus GaN 5 Pro 100W charger

Are you looking for a new charger for smartphones and PCs, but you just don't know which one to choose? Are you aiming for a powerful and reliable model? Then it's time to move on to a battery charger GaN: Large power supplies are now a thing of the past, especially thanks to this model Baseus by well 100W!

Baseus GaN 5 Pro is the full power wall charger: 100W for any type of device!

Baseus GaN 5 Pro 100W charger

But what is a battery charger with tech GaN? This novelty, in use for some time by the main manufacturers, is a solution capable of obtaining powerful loaders, but with compact dimensions.

Il gallium nitride it replaces the silicon inside the semiconductors present in the chargers: this offers greater electrical efficiency and a significant reduction in heat. Furthermore, with more reasonable temperatures the components can stay close together without overheating, with a great saving of space.

The charger Baseus GaN 5 Pro is a model that aims to offer maximum power: let's talk about 100W, more than enough for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and so on. The device is equipped with a pinch (made with three fingers) European and is able to manage the output energy according to the device to be powered: therefore recharging takes place in complete safety.

Baseus GaN 5 Pro 100W charger

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