DEVOLO Magic 2 Wi-FI 6 Review: FOREVER GOODBYE to Wi-Fi reception problems

One of the most frequent technological problems in the home of each of us, and do not try to hide because I know that it concerns more than some of you, is undoubtedly the reception of WIFI network. The years go by but the Italian telephone operators do not mention providing products as high-performance as custom solutions, and the only open-mindedness they have proven to have was to allow their customers to use their own modem / router without using for force the one provided on loan for use (among other things, at disproportionate figures).

However, leaving out details, what is certain is that with a single router / modem it is impossible to cover a house on several levels, for example, where a single router will inevitably always be insufficient; today I'm talking about a Powerline Mesh Kit very interesting that I have been trying for a few weeks and that are giving me some really unexpected satisfactions. The kit in question is manufactured by DEVOLO, and the model specifically is the Magic 2 WiFi 6.

DEVOLO Magic 2 Wi-FI 6 review

Content of the package

Ok, but what does the sales package? Devolo included:

  • 3 Devolo powerlines
  • An Ethernet network cable
  • Configuration manual

Construction, design and first configuration

Aesthetically speaking, the kit DEVOLO Magic 2 WiFi 6 it is very similar to all its competitors in circulation; it is equipped with two buttons on the front both backlit in two colors (white and red) that indicate the activity status of the powerlines. On the upper part there is also the Shucko input to connect our devices directly to the mains. The reason for this integration is simple: devolo, like other manufacturers, recommends using the powerline directly connected to the wall socket of the electrical system, without going through adapters, power strips or the like.

What I did not find very comfortable is certainly the schucko attachment on the back, not yet widespread in all homes as it is not the default standard here in Italy, so you may be forced to use a few euro adapter. On the lower part, then, there are two entrances LAN to connect our devices also via cable wherever you are in the vicinity of one of the installed powerlines.

On the side of each powerline there are slits useful to dissipate the heat; using them for a few weeks I noticed that the heating is felt, but nothing that is not comparable to an overheating of my modem NeXXt by Fastweb.

The configuration procedure is very simple and takes place entirely from the smartphone, without any need to use the computer. Basically it is sufficient to connect the first powerline near ours router / modem, and connect it via cable to it: as I anticipated before, it is essential to connect the powerline directly to the mains without going through power strips or other “hitches” that could interfere.

Once this is done, simply place the other two powerlines included in the kit in the various points of interest of our home to ensure that the app wizard is all devices recognized; the beauty of the mesh system made with this DEVOLO Magic 2 Wi-FI kit 6 is that, in fact, you will not have to manually switch between one access point and another, but you will always remain connected to the same network and your device (smartphone, PC or tablet) will hook up to the various signal repetition points.

Speed ​​and stability test

Personally I am not a lover of traditional powerlines because I believe that, in several circumstances, they are not able to provide adequate performance to the line we have at home: the causes can be multiple, and moreover if you add that almost all powerlines are not mesh but they are simple Access Point, it goes without saying that the more "attentive" and experts tend to prefer a different technology.

The beauty of this kit by devolo, I repeat, is the fact that these are mesh devices and among the main advantages I can summarize the question in four points:

  1. The network is always the same for the whole house, it is not necessary to change the access point as you move away in the various rooms. The connection always remains stable.
  2. It is scalable so in case of need it is sufficient to add X powerline more to improve the signal in some points of the house.
  3. It can be configured directly from the smartphone with a simple app.
  4. In the event of a failure of one of the power lines, the network continues to function anyway.

Before I tell you about the performance that I have found in mine Flat, I give you some basic information in order to better understand the infrastructure used in my tests, and to be more objective and clear in what I tell you.

  • COTTAGE: 105sqm x 3 levels
  • CONNECTION: Fastweb Fiber Mixed Copper, guaranteed speed of about 58 Megabit / s in Download and 9/10 in Upload
  • DEVICE USED IN THE TESTS: iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • MAIN ROUTER: Latest generation Fastweb NeXXt (router on loan for use with a Fiber offer)
Test carried out less than a meter from the first Devolo receiver connected directly to the router

The first test performed is this above.

  • Distance from the main node: same floor, 1 meter away from the receiver
  • Speed ​​detected: 64,1 Megabit / s in Download and 9,86 Megabit / s in Upload
  • Loss of quality: zero. Strangely in this circumstance I noticed a speed higher than that detected via cable, and it can be said that these are the highest values ​​I have ever detected since the day I installed this network.
Test carried out 5 meters away from the first Devolo, and 1 meter away from the second Devolo repeater

The second test carried out is this:

  • Distance from the main node: same floor, 5 meters away from the main receiver and then from my router, and 1 meter away from the second receiver.
  • Speed ​​detected: 56,2 Megabit / s in Download and 9,82 Megabit / s in Upload
  • Loss of quality: I lost 2ms in terms of ping, very little in upload and some MBps in Download, but the speed is expected to be around the usual one I have while connected via LAN cable, so no noticeable loss of quality.
Test carried out at 1 floor different from the first Devolo, and 1 meter away from the third Devolo repeater

This is the test that most satisfied me, and I'll explain why: I performed it on the terrace and usually my setup consists of using an AP from the Tp link connected via Network Cable (which I took in the electrical channels for about 60 meters), with which I have never been satisfied because for various reasons it halves the range of the network and raises the ping. These are always tolerable values, but far from the original quality of the network.

Through the Devolo powerline the result was the following.

  • Distance from the main node: 1 floor away with two flights of stairs and three walls that divide us from the first repeater, and 1 meter away from the repeater on the terrace.
    Speed ​​detected: 58,5 Megabit / s in Download and 10,9 Megabit / s in Upload
    Loss of quality: zero. Absolutely zero degradation and always stable ping at 18ms
Test carried out in the same distance conditions as the previous one, but connected to the Fastweb NeXXT Router: the connectionme

Meanwhile, under the same conditions as the previous test, I tried to run one speed test connected to the Wi-Fi network of my Fastweb router: impossible to complete the test, the smartphone connects to the network but the stability is so poor that it does not allow the test to run, despite the fact that I have tried several times.

The result of the tests was, therefore, positive: I had to change my mind about the efficiency of the powerlines even if they are absolutely not to be confused with the traditional ones, whose cost is decidedly different and they exploit principles different from the Mesh ones of this kit produced by Devolo.

Price and Considerations

Obviously in all these words of praise there is some bad news, or at least a news that dampens the enthusiasm a bit: this DEVOLO Magic 2 WiFi 6 has a cost of approximately EUR 400, a rather high figure that precludes access to a wider audience and makes it suitable only for a segment of more experienced users and willing to spend significant amounts to improve the performance of their home internet network.

Last updated the 06 / 12 / 2022 10: 44

The solution proposed by DEVOLO, however, it is one of the most efficient that are currently in circulation and in these weeks of use, even if I didn't want to, I was able to find negative sides. Passed, with flying colors!