Apple: will there be a return of the Touch ID on the next iPhones?

Apple iPhone 15 no Touch ID

Apple introduced the Face ID way back in 2017, with the launch of the iconic iPhone X. Since then, this unlocking mode has accompanied every iPhone series, and today it also manages authentication for different applications, such as Apple Pay and purchases onApp Store. The touch ID is, right now, an exclusive of iPhone SE. So we ask ourselves: Apple plans to bring back the Touch ID also on high-end iPhones? Let us try to answer this question.

Is Apple planning to reintroduce Touch ID on the next high-end iPhones?

Apple iPhone 15 no Touch ID

According to reports from Mark Gurman di Bloomberg, in recent years within the Apple offices it would often have been discussed about a re-implementation of the touch ID iPhone high-end. To tell the truth, the colossus of Cupertino would have even tested two different ways of unlocking by fingerprint: either by integrating the sensor into the power button smartphone, both by opting for the system in-display.

However, something would not have gone well, or at least Apple believes that the Face ID be more efficient and / or sure of touch ID, from the moment in which - according to what the source reported - the company would have decided to do not reintroduce this technology, or at least not in the foreseeable future.

Apple iPhone 15 no Touch ID

In other words, at least for the next iPhone series, Apple may continue to propose the Face ID as an unlock mode. What do you think about it? Do you prefer Touch ID to unlocking via facial recognition or do you think this unlocking mode is now out of date? Leave a comment and let us know. And if you liked our article, share it on social networks: a simple gesture is enough to support us!

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