With the AliExpress Plus Day promo you will find many tech offers and new coupons!

AliExpress Plus Day

The month of October began a few days ago, but here comes the first promotional initiatives. On AliExpress the promotion has started More Day and obviously there is no shortage of lightning offers and coupons dedicated to lots of tech products: smartphones, tablets, security cameras, smartwatches, drones, action cameras and much more!

AliExpress Plus Day: flash offers and coupons to save on the best of tech

AliExpress Plus Day

The new promotion More Day di AliExpress promises days of discounts, with various opportunities to save: the initiative ends at 9:00 on 6 October, but it is always better not to procrastinate too much when it comes to offers! In this round the store offers an avalanche of tech products with discounts from 10% up to 50% in some cases.

AliExpress Plus Day

You can save with flash deals; however we also point out some to be used for further savings.

  • $ 5 discount on $ 50 spent
    • Coupon - PLUSDAY5S
  • $ 10 discount on $ 100 spent
    • Coupon - PLUSDAY10S
  • $ 20 discount on $ 200 spent
    • Coupon - PLUSDAY20S

Obviously the offers are not limited to these discount codes: on the page dedicated to the initiative you will find all the products in promotion, together with other coupons!

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Many products in super discount for a limited period

Promotion valid from 9 of 3 October to 9:00 of 6 October

More Less
Up to the 50% discount

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