Review Andeman 8000Pa manual vacuum cleaner: economical and ideal for your CAR!

andeman 8000pa hand vacuum cleaner

La category of vacuum cleaner it is like a Pandora's box, once uncovered it could give you joys and sorrows, but above all many products, which just looking at them in the various online windows could literally drive you out of your mind. That's what happened to me, more or less, when I wanted to try the new one Andeman 8000Pa, a very economical product that is configured, essentially, as a manual vacuum cleaner or, in other words, as a handheld vacuum cleaner dedicated to lighter uses and for surface dirt, such as in the car, behind the desk and so on.

Ok, the brand is totally unknown and I have no idea if it has ever produced something similar before, but the fact is that it was among the cheapest and for my use it could have been interesting. I'll tell you how it goes.

Andeman 8000Pa manual vacuum cleaner review

Package Contents

andeman 8000pa hand vacuum cleaner

Inside the carton pack the company has just added some accessories to make the user experience with its vacuum cleaner slightly superior and more comfortable. In detail:

  • Extension tube to which other accessories can be connected
  • A long, narrow nozzle for cleaning corners
  • A fabric brush
  • A brush for cleaning accessories

Construction and Materials

As you can imagine, the construction of this Andeman vacuum cleaner is rather simple and minimal, given the abundant price less than € 50. The frame is entirely built in plastic, with the lower part in dark gray color and the upper one, which coincides with the dust collection tank, is transparent as usual and houses the main suction nozzle, to which the accessories I mentioned earlier will be connected.

andeman 8000pa hand vacuum cleaner

At the top of thevacuum cleanerin addition, there is the primary (and only, I would add) button that allows you to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off; given the low price there are no smart features of any kind, except precisely the possibility of turning the engines on and off.

At the top, then, there is a small one led light that turns on together with the vacuum cleaner; it is a pity that there is no separate key for ignition, because in this case it always lights up even when not necessary, resulting in unnecessary and avoidable battery consumption.

andeman 8000pa hand vacuum cleaner

Speaking battery the one integrated on this vacuum cleaner of Andeman is 4000 mAh and allows a use of about 15 minutes, while recharging is rather slow and takes about three hours using a cable supplied in the package, with USB ends.

As for the practicality of use and handling, absolutely nothing to say: here the weight is rather low and the handle is very comfortable, so even in "prolonged" use you will not tire of holding it in your hand.

Suction power and cleaning quality

La power di aspiration, as you may have guessed from the rather imaginative name of the product, is from 8000PA, a value certainly quite high but which in practice may not satisfy all cleaning needs, especially because I believe that these values ​​are not real.

However the engine is a unit with rated power equal to 120W and, as I anticipated, it does its job well as long as it is superficial dirt and not trapped dust which needs a greater force to be sucked away; for example, I found no problems in vacuuming dust such as flour, breadcrumbs or other “light” scraps in the kitchen, but I had some more difficulties while trying to vacuum the dust stuck in the carpet under the car mats.

Let's be clear, the cleaning is done properly, but it will be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience and do 2-3 passes in the same area to have a meticulous result; it wouldn't be a problem if it weren't that the battery lasts about 15 minutes, but I don't blame him for this because it is a feature that unites almost all products like him.

andeman 8000pa hand vacuum cleaner

On the plus side, he has a washable HEPA filter and which guarantees a more thorough cleaning; I am almost certain that it will be impossible to find a replacement filter, so in case you wash it, be very careful not to destroy it.

Price and Considerations

As I anticipated the new Andeman 8000Pa coastline poco less than 30 euros thanks to the link and discounts that you find below; it is a super cheap product, and as such it puts us in front of sacrifices that it is good to immediately take into account. The vacuum cleaner has a good suction power for delicate uses and not for very deep cleaning operations, and in addition it is not suitable for sucking up liquids. In short, a product to always carry around in the car for any emergency (since it is recharged via USB).


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