Xiaomi has launched its best air purifier: Mijia Air Purifier Ultra arrives

xiaomi mijia air purifier ultra air purifier price

A very interesting presentation event for Xiaomi, which in addition to its beautiful CIVI 2, has also launched other smart products such as its new air purifier, arguably the best ever launched by the brand. This is the Mijia Air Purifier Ultra, which ranks among the absolute top range in the sector with an overall competitive price.

Xiaomi Mijia Purifier Ultra: all about the new premium air purifier

xiaomi mijia air purifier ultra air purifier price 2

To get to know the new purifier model, you have to start from its design. It certainly looks very different from what we are used to seeing in its category, in a cross between style and high-level science that propels it towards the top end of the market.

But after the aesthetic factor, there is certainly the fact that it has some important features. We have a full-effect purification system, as we have a 7-layer process that eliminates the 99.99% of bacteria with an aldehyde removal studied by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition, the impact of purification is really important, considering that a purification of an environment of 90 m2 it takes about 17 minutes to complete.

But when does the new model cost? The air purifier Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier Ultra arrives in the Chinese market costs approx €697 (4.799 yuan), which as far as it offers is certainly placed in the top category of the sector. We do not know if the brand will then bring it to the Global market, although for models of this type it is quite difficult.

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