Wondershare PDFelement review: the best PDF manager for students (and others)

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With the expansion of distance learning, but also of the digitization of our work and study, the need to have your notes and works as files on our devices is now quite urgent. Often these files are in PDF format and we know, it is never easy to manage, modify or create them from scratch. Precisely for this, we have made a review of PDF element, the manager for PDF di Wondershare of which we explain functionality and advantages.

Wondershare PDFelement Review

What is PDFelement?

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Before understanding how it works, we need to explain what it is PDF element. The software of Wondershare was summarized in the opening as a PDF manager, but we can consider it an understatement. In fact, it is certainly much more, due to the many peculiarities and functions that we can have from this program.

In fact, by its very nature, it is possible read any kind of PDF, but not only on your PC, but practically everywhere, thanks to the possibility of having the application on your own Android smartphone e iOS. But it doesn't stop there. Always on all your devices, it will be possible to edit your PDFs, so that you always have the most updated version of your file, lesson after lesson. And if you need it take notes o emphasize a text in PDF in real time, with PDFelement this is possible. But how do all these options work? Let's go and find out.

How does PDFelement work?

PDF reading

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We have therefore summarized the main functions of PDF element, but how does the program work? Wanting to start from the key function, that is the reading of PDFs, we have some very interesting functions. In addition to simple reading, in fact, we can convert the file to multiple different formats, from Word to Power Point, so it becomes extremely simple to have multiple types of documents to be able to send and use. The conversion takes place in a few moments and therefore is certainly a useful ally in terms of speed.

Edit PDF

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In addition to reading, one of the essential features of the PDF element is definitely PDF editing, with operations of immediate use and easy to understand. Indeed, it is possible edit its text, add an image o also a link. We found it extremely convenient for doing everything on the go and in case of sudden changes. Usually this feature is a bit of the gripe of every PDF management application but here it is really great.

Take notes on PDF

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Another function that we can define as fundamental for students is certainly the possibility of take notes o emphasize on texts o PDF textbooks. With the updating of the way of studying and following the lesson, today having your own documentation in digital format is very common and therefore having such a tool is certainly important. Underlining or overwriting is as immediate as editing and happens very easily.

Document Cloud

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Do you need to have your PDF documents always with you? PDF element allows you to have it all in Cloud of the program created by Wondershare. By doing so, you can use the files uploaded from PC or from a smartphone on all the devices you use. How convenient is it to be able to always have files available when you are at the University and you only want to carry your smartphone or tablet? Absolutely promoted.

Wondershare PDFelement - Price and considerations

So how can PDFelement be obtained? The Wondershare site allows you to try it for free with very limited functions, however, as this software has paid plans. But what are these? First of all, it must be said that PDF element It is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS (including iPadOS) e Android, so you have full coverage of your devices.

So let's find out the main plans:

  • Windows: Life plan €119, semiannual plan €49 and annual plan €89;
  • MacOS: Life plan €119, 2 year plan €109, annual plan 89 €;
  • iOS: permanent bases €39.99, annual plan €29.99, monthly €6.99;

However, Wondershare also offers bundle plans where you can purchase packages with multiple devices, such as the combo iOS + MacOS, or Windows + Android o Windows + MacOS. There are many solutions and you can find them all in the official store to the page dedicated to PDFelement.

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