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mobiletrans backup iphone android whatsapp and data

One of the biggest problems when buying a new smartphone, you will agree with me, is to move everything from the old device to the new one, with consequent waste of time, and very often also of important files that are forgotten in the various manual backups that we usually use. Do.

Over the years, the gap has narrowed compared to the past, when making a backup between two smartphones was almost impossible, if not in the panorama Apple where the ecosystem has always been a little more reliable; in the last few weeks when I test some top of the range that becomes my main device in all respects, I need to move all the content of my personal smartphone to the new one in test, and I found in Wondershare MobileTrans the solution that best suits my needs. Now I'll tell you how it works and why it could be the turning point for you.

Wondershare MobileTrans Review

What is MobileTrans?

First of all we make the necessary introductions, because maybe we don't all know each other yet: Mobile Trans is an application for smartphones (but also available on Windows and MacOS in a more "complete" version) that allows us to connect our old smartphone with the new one, and in both cases it does not matter whether it is an iPhone or of an Android smartphone.

The application created by the Wondershare team, which to be clear is the same software house that develops the famous Filmora software, offers us the possibility of transferring files from one phone to another both totally wirelessly and via USB-C cable. / Lightning or MicroUSB.

What can you transfer?

The question that naturally arises is: ok, but what can I transfer in practice from one smartphone to another? It is very simple, and to answer this question, all we have to do is enter the application and press one of the two main keys that appear upon opening: on the "old" smartphone, press "This is the old phone" , we choose the platform and then we select all the data we intend to transfer from one smartphone to another, in detail:

  • Photo in the gallery
  • Video in the gallery
  • Music tracks downloaded
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

In this case, in mine simulation I'm showing you the example of a transfer from a iPhone to an Android device; if we transfer data from an old Android smartphone to a new one, through the same procedure we could also transfer Whatsapp data and installed applications (including those installed via APK) at the same time. In both cases, below we find the report regarding the size of how much we intend to move and the estimated time to complete the entire transfer from one smartphone to another.

mobiletrans backup iphone android whatsapp and data

Obviously the most interesting function is the one that allows you to transfer Whatsapp chats from an iOS device to an Android device, and with MobileTrans it is all automatic and more or less fast; ok, it is true that currently Whatsapp has completed the rollout of the update that allows you to transfer chats from one platform to another, but it is also true that the procedure is a little more limiting in case you have devices with not much software versions updated (for example the backup does not work if the iOS version is not at least 15.5, while with MobileTrans there are no such limitations).

The procedure is the same: just go to WhatsApp Transfer, select if you intend to transfer Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business data, and then choose if you want to carry out the procedure via computer or directly with your smartphone. What I recommend is definitely to do the procedure entirely from your smartphone, just connect via the USB-C / Lightning cable the iPhone and the two smartphones. We will then have the possibility to select the type of data we intend to copy, and that's it. Times vary depending on the amount of data to be transferred: keep in mind that it is a long process that can take up to an hour.

What transfer operations are supported? In summary:

  • You can transfer a Whatsapp backup from iPhone to Android
  • You can transfer a Whatsapp backup from Android to iPhone
  • For iPhone to iPhone backups you can use the integrated solutions of iCloud as well as on Android you can use it Google Drive.
mobiletrans backup iphone android whatsapp and data

What struck me, of all the options, was the file transfer from iPhone to Android in a timely and immediate manner; a bit like a few years ago when you exchanged files via Bluetooth, with Mobile Trans I managed to move all kinds of files from iOS to Android and vice versa. It is true that nowadays we are used to sending anything to us via apps such as Telegram and Whatsapp, but there are still some limitations that do not make this transfer not 100% effective.

mobiletrans backup iphone android whatsapp and data

In this case the file transfer is instantaneous, and takes place thanks to the Wi-Fi Direct technology: nothing new, essentially one of the two smartphones creates a virtual hotspot to which the other device connects and transfers files by simulating a local network. Simple but effective.

Prices and Considerations

Wondershare MobileTrans, like all beautiful and well-functioning things, is a suite that offers both free (with the necessary limitations) and paid plans, with various plans available; the one we tried today is the smartphone version, which has a reduced price and a few less features than the PC suite. In detail:

  • Whatsapp transfer from 1 to 5 devices costs € 19,99 annually
  • Data transfer and also Whatsapp, from 1 to 5 devices, has an annual cost of € 25,99

Both packages are currently available at a discounted price of 20% so if you are interested in buying, you can find the offer directly here.

mobiletrans backup iphone android whatsapp and data

In this case, these are in app purchases that can be made directly through the PlayStore or the AppStore (which allows the purchase at a lower price of about 3 euros compared to Android); in case you want the full app for Windows or MacOS, the costs are slightly higher but include a slightly higher number of functions but above all the concession in Lifetime use and not just for one year.