WhatsApp announces links for calls: what they are and how they work

WhatsApp Call Links - What are call links and how do they work

The period of the pandemic has given an important impetus to platforms dedicated to videoconferencing, with a clear transition from the private to the professional and educational sphere. Zoom and Meet hit the mark, while Telegram it has become more and more complex and supplied. Now there are also news for WhatsApp, which takes a first step in the direction of expanded group video calling thanks to Call Links, links to join calls.

WhatsApp Call Links - What are call links and how do they work

But what are i link for calls unveiled by WhatsApp? The official announcement came from Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook: in a post the head of Meta revealed the arrival of this new feature that makes video calls more complete. THE Call Links they are connection links that allow you to access an ongoing call with a simple click.

WhatsApp Call Links - What are call links and how do they work

WhatsApp showed in detail how call links work: it takes a couple of steps to create a custom link.

  • On the main WhatsApp screen, enter the Calls section;
  • in addition to recent calls, at the top you will find a new entry that allows you to create a link;
  • now all that remains is to share the Call Link.

Users will be able to click on the link to access the video call (in short, in the same way as with other applications).

When do WhatsApp Call Links arrive?

As announced by Zuckerberg, the new feature is currently in the process of being released: it will probably take a few days for it to actually reach all WhatsApp users.

In addition, the head of Meta pointed out that the tests for the group video calls up to a maximum of 32 participants they are still in progress. WhatsApp aims to become a new platform for videoconferencing: we will see if it can achieve the notoriety of rivals of the caliber of Zoom in this field too.

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